abdominal pain with carboplatin and taxol for reccurrencei

wondering if anyone has had the same side effect caused by carb and taxol for reccurrence.in 07 was diag with serous pappillary carcinoma stge 1v. high grade . had debulk surg and 6 rounds of carb and taxol. now first reccurrence in 10/10 and being treated with carb and tax again but experiencing abdominal pain as if i had surgery. any one with this side effect? hope not love you all.

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Yes, I get the same thing. I think the taxol works on cutting off blood supply and also causes some pain where there was cutting and where there is a tumor. But, it is only my guess.

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thanks kayandok,
the ist time i had carb and tax was after initial debulking so i always had ab pain from surgery . this time it is so strange because it feels like an incision but there is no incision. when i asked my dr he wasn't really sure what causes the pain other than that chemo in gen causes pain, but i was surprised he hadn't heard that complaint before . i certainly have scarring and adhesions from 3 previous surgs. so maybe the chemo is aggravating these lesions. thanks for your reply. no one else seems to have experienced this .

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