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Looking for opinions

Well.. this is way off topic for "Ostomies", but something I am dealing with at the moment... so here I am.. looking for input.
Because I am out on disability with workman's comp. and my pay is just over 60% of what it was. I researched auto insurances yesterday to cut my monthly premium down. I had received a flyer from Costco who partnered with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance which quoted the identical coverage for 1/2 the price of what I'm paying now!!!
Is this too good to be true??? I don't want to shoot myself in the foot.. change from good insurance to one that may not follow through with claims.
My point of bringing this up.. is trying to find out if anyone in here has personally been insured by them or know others who were and how there service rated.
I researched a bit on the web.. found a fair amount of negative stuff.. and a bit of positive, but want to hear more before I make my mind up.
My coverage currently is in effect so it's not an immediate change .. I can wait a bit and have the time to look around.
Any other suggestions for cheaper insurance? RIght now I have Geico... had Nationwide for 30+ years before they started hiking their rates up and up and up!!
Thank you...

Also... If you stuck with me this long, reading through my post... lol.. I was at the doctor today.. and have a bladder UTI. : ( Microscopic blood and white cells in urine. I was a bit dehydrated last week and sometimes this happens afterwards... so it's off to the pharmacy for an antibiotic.
Prayers would be much appreciated and welcomed!

Thank you... to everyone... This truly is a wonderful place to seak support, help, advice, encouragement and most importantly.. prayers, concern, friendhips and love.

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