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Wounds that won't heal

Hi, I have had my ostomy and wound from an emergency surgery for diverticulitis and ruptured colon on July 29. After many months of wound vac and almost daily visit from WOCN and my regular nurse. Love them! I still have not healed. Mt dr's , surgeon, gasto, special ostomy nurse are all perplexed. I have pryoderm around stoma and a 4 inch moat around it, all open. Ouch,! My other wound is 5" by 6" and hasn't grown smaller in almost 6 months. They are taking about doing both surgeries over again. I wonder if anybody has ever heard of any body who can't seem to heal. I eat a lot of protein and am starting to feel much stronger. I lost 40 pounds , not intentionally, before all this happened to me. I've been maintaining my weight. I'm not diabetic and do not have cancer. Any ideas, please?

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What a painful and miserable situation Phougt. I don't have experience with open wound not healing, but I've read about others who have. I do know that by eating the protein you are doing what I was told by my WCON was the best way to help healing.

I'm sending you healing thoughts,

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I've had wounds that required months on the wound vac and then were closed with skin grafts, but never anything that's lasted as long as yours. I wish I knew what to advise -- perhaps get a second opinion. Sorry that you're having this trouble. Do keep us posted.
Love and Light, Candace

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My surgeries were July 20 and 23rd ... I still have a hole in my belly it's about 2" x 3". It was much larger.

My original surgeon refered me to a plastic surgeon to do a skin graft ... Instead I got a second opinion. My new surgeon is using cauterization to help the wound heal ... He says it could be another 6 weeks.

It sounds like you are in worse shape than I am ... I would suggest getting a second opinion.

Here is my story (click here)

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Another thing that has helped me is high dose zinc supplements in addition to extra protein. Good luck to ya!

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MORE protein, zinc and vitamin C. Get some Amino Acids.

My original surgery was for the same reason on June 11th. It took until the end of September to get the first wound healed with a wound vac. Then I had a second surgery Nov 14th. That one was healed by December 20th due to the Aminos.

good luck


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Thanks everybody, I saw a new surgeon today, he suggested a skin graft for the wound and since I also have pryoderm a a around the stoma. He's thinking one of the new bio drugs. I have to discuss that with my rheumiatoligist first. The last time I tried that I got a-fib. I like the idea of amino acids. I already take zinc and vitamins. I was on the wound vac for months but my wound got so superficial that it would' stay on anymore. Now the surgeon says my body is confused, ( me too). And thinks everything is ok. Not!

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Phought, I also hope your confused body gets cleared up on its healing soon. It must be very disheartening to assume everything is going to heal after surgery only to have to live with the opposite.

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I had an episode of Pyoderma Gangrenosum, in August of 2011. I was treated by a dermatologist at Mayo Clinic, who was hand picked because of his prior experience. He started out with photographs, biopsy, and injections of some kind, directly into the involved flesh. This was combined with daily changes of an over sized appliance, and application of a medication called Protopic. Furthermore, a layer of a non adhesive material called Polymem, was place between the appliance and the affected flesh. This general type of treatment lasted about 6 weeks or more.

For the record, PG can be either systemic, or affect primarily the area adjacent to the ostomy. Mine was the latter, thank God.

I am merely offering the above as an antecdote. I have no idea if any of this information could prove helpful in your case.

Wearing a support belt can help open the door to pressure ulcers. I find it helpful to keep it on the loose side, and remove it altogether, if I intend to recline in my lazy boy for a period of time.

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Welcome to our ostomy family, Phougt - I had the same surgery as you - diverticulitis and perforated colon resulting in a permanent ileostomy. Fortunately, I did not have many problems - it was 2 years ago now - but I did have an open incision from above my waist down to the pubic area - not stitches or staples! - that took quite a while to heal. My doctor referred me to a Wound Care Facility associated with my hospital, and after a series of visits over a month or so it finally healed. They would take a picture every time I went, to check on the progress of the healing, and used special powders and medicated strips that eventually did the trick. I am fine now, although I have elected not to have further surgery to reconnect the abdominal muscles that are now non-existent. Since I am 81, and told by the surgeon I could live with what I have, I just wear a 9 1/2 surgical wrap for support to my back and belly every day - and am back to playing golf twice a week.

Love and hugs from Marge

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I, too, have very slow healing wounds. I have Crohn's and have had pyoderma. The only thing that healed it was remicade, a biologic. I had my rectum removed 7/2012. The wounds in my butt crevice still have not healed. I was told more protein, vit c and b complex. Best wishes. Sarah

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Thanks for welcoming me to the group . You have given me a lot of ideas to discuss wth my WOCN tomorrow. Also with all my new dr.'s., now I'm going to see a plastic surgeon to do a graft to close wound. I'm not so sure about that idea, will have to find out morei info. Then back to a new gastro dr. To see about pyroderm around stoma. Thanks for the info from scanner man. I'm going to pass on your info.

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I Sarah, I did read your response about your bottom still not healed, I too have cronhs , had my surgery in march 2013 and still having trouble healing, also having remicade treatment. Is yours getting better, and what does your doctor say? It is upsetting, it helps talking to people that are having similar problems. Take care

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I have had a peri stomal wound for over 3 years. It has never gotten larger than 1". It has healed for about 7mnths at one time, however I have no idea why. But in November a new doctor I started seeing injected me with Kenalog, so far so good.
Good luck to you

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