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Update on Bubble Wrap Phenomenon

Awhile back I inquired from our members if anyone had ever had "bubbles" in their pouch that you could pop like plastic bubble wrap. it sounded like a gun shot! I had changed to a Hollister product and had this reaction all day long. It felt like marbles in my pouch. My last order I went back to Convatec, and immediately the phenomenon stopped!!! Maybe it is just my output with a reaction to the Hollister pouch. Also, for some reason, the flange adhesive on the Hollister made my skin itch and break out. I don't have that problem with the Convatec. I guess these products are subjective to our body's own chemistry. I sort of miss the fun of popping the bubbles and scaring the dogs! :-)

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Lonestar, that's awful.....scaring the dogs!! lolol!

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If they were "hunting" dogs, they would not be suffering post traumatic stress disorder. I have a Papillion and a Boxback who were traumatized. (A Boxback is a designer breed...half Rhodesian Ridgeback and half Boxer!) :-)

Have a good day!


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How was I to know? You didn't mention that in your original post. Only that you liked popping the bubbles and scaring the dogs. If I offended, that was not my intention.

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My goodness...I was not offended. I was just trying to have some fun.... Life is so ludicrous sometimes, that one has to interject a bit of humor.,,that was my intent!

Love and Light, Susan

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My son and his partner have a Black Lab Rhodesian Ridgeback who is beautiful!! My grandson is coming to visit me tomorrow for a the day/night. They are having a party and are afraid that Jack will get out by mistake. He is a RUNNER!!! lol..
So he and I will have some quality time together. This dog, if I say "Give Grandma a hug.".. He will jump up and wrap his front legs around my waist.. lol.. He's gorgeous.. He doesn't even bark at the door bell.. just tilts his head sidways like "what's that??".

I use hollister and I see they have changed their product a bit from what it used to be. but am finding I like it even better. I have not had the bubble problem... I'm kind of wishing I did.. lol..

Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Mare,

Thanks for sharing your story about Jack. I'll bet he is a handsome fellow! Does he have the ridge down his back? Penny is a rescue dog. She was given to my son and me by an investigative officer from the HSPCA. She was found on a rainy night trying to cross a highway, and when the officer picked her up...she could hold her in one hand. The officer raised her, and she is the sweetest dog. If Penny is a Boxback...what is Jack? A Labback?

I wonder if a lot of vendors are changing their lines? I noticed when I returned to the two piece Convatec that the flange and pouch had a problem fitting together. I had to practically push the seal through my back, and it still would not click together. As a result...I have had a leakage problem for the first time. The nurse to whom I complained at Convatec was telling me how to put it on. I told her I had 16 years experience, and I thought there was something else amiss and it was a mess. I will be returning some of the product to them.

Have a fun visit with your granddog!

Love and Light, Susan

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Hi Susan..

YEs.. I think he would be a Labback!! I'll have to tell Ethan that! lol How sweet Penny must have been when she was rescued. Yes.. Jack has the ridge down his back... I should change my profile pic to Jack.. then you could see him! He is beautiful.. so tall and so strong.. He loves to lick my earrings!! Also.. he thinks he is a lap dog! I know my cat Ginger will not appreciate her cousins visit... lol I have to use baby gates to keep jack from going upstairs where she hides. Course, if he really wanted to.. he could clear the gate up the stairs.

I hate when they change their supplies!! They never ask US how things are working do they? I have said that to them before when I've had problems.
Good luck with your supplies!


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Lonestar - my WCON gave me a great tip about attaching my Convatec pouch to the barrier. Just put a bit of lotion on your finger and run it around the top of the plastic on the barrier - the pouch will snap right on - if you run your finger around it you will hear it snapping into place all around. Previous to that, I had trouble finding just the right spot to attach it and kept checking and checking to make sure it was secure all around. Try the lotion and let me know what you think.

Love and hugs from Marge

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Hi Herbsgal...

I will be changing my appliance today, and will let you know how it goes. I hear you when you say you keep checking! I always start snapping at 6 o'clock and work around at 3 and 9 to noon. But, I had the feeling that they are economizing...the seal just did not seem as sturdy to me as it had been previously. Then I would be frustrated when I had a leak! Thanks for the suggestion and I will let you know how it wears!

Love and Light, Susan

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I, too, have the bubble wrap problem with the Hollister pouches!! I also like to burst the bubbles.LOL! I called Hollister and told them it was like getting a prize--like in a cracker jack box! lol--the lady didn't see the humor! They sent me 6 pouches--no barriers. It is still happening. My husband-- believe it or not ---even got into helping me bust the bubbles! "Wendy" (my stoma) does not always behave when I'm changing her dress so I guess I'm out of luck when it comes to her barriers.

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