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Swollen Stoma

Has anyone had the swollen swell up very big? There is also a little blood coming out of it. Do you have any idea what causes it and how to prevent it? Any idea how to treat it? It has happened to my 5 year old nephew a few times. Thanks.

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I'm not quite sure how to answer this one. A lengthened stoma can be a prolapse, but one that is just generally swollen is outside my experience. Hope someone comes along with a better answer. The only encouragement that I can give is that if this is something that just happens from time to time and resolves itself, then it's probably nothing to worry about.
Love and Light, Candace

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Could possibly be a blockage. I would contac the doctor to be safe. Is he in distress? Hurting? Is there output?


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This is probably oh so obvious, but make sure you put a bigger flange on to compensate for the swelling. You might have to switch to cut-to-fit temporarily if you're not already using them. And definitely call the doctor. Is there any discoloration?

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My stoma swells up and I am not able to figure out what the trigger is. It happens and I do not have a blockage. The rosebud is what changes size, but where it attaches to the skin that we cut the wafer to fit does not change. I have asked my WOCN about this and they really don't have an answer for this other than maybe it's the prednisone causing it. I have found that when i'm changing my appliance and it's swollen, I clean the stoma with cool water on gauze and it shrinks back to normal size.

I also get bleeding from time to time from little bumps that develop from the friction of the appliance. There's nothing you can do to prevent it. But the WOCN can put silver nitrate on it to get rid of the bleeding. It does not hurt at all and is effective. I think they call them granulomas?

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Setter1230, my stoma is new, 7 weeks this past Monday. That being said, I understand mine may or may not be at it's permanent size. Mine swells like that too. No blockage, pain, or bleeding, just swelling of the stoma but not around the base as you said. The base has been 35mm the last week & a half with no change at all when the swelling occurs. Also, I am on Prednisone. Maybe there is a link. I know it makes my face swell & gives me a hump on my back, haha. So it very well could be making our friends all puffy & swollen too. It's not given the nickname 'Satan's Tic Tacs' for nothing, lol.
If you hear/learn anything on this, please let me know. Thanks.
Healing hugs, SC Queen

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could be a prolapse my friend

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If the whole fits too close to the stoma, too small it will cause it to swell. You want a good fit, but not too tight. I did that once when I was using the cut to fit. It was painful and I did not do that again.

Of course when I did that, we were on a trip and far away from home. I had to cut the next one bigger to accommodate the swollen stoma. The swelling went down and I continued to give charlie brown a little more room and we were both happy.

If the swelling does not go down, seek medical advice.

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My husband's stoma balloons every time he gets out of the shower. We use a blow dryer on cool or warm heat to dry his skin before applying his wafer and the stoma usually shrinks down to normal size. However, we also found that we had to use a slightly larger wafer opening because his stoma shrinks and swells throughout the day. When we used what we thought was the correct size (using the measuring tools) we found that as the stoma swelled throughout the day the wafer cut into the stoma a little causing some bleeding, which we noticed when we changed appliances. Since increasing the wafer opening size by just 1/8 to allow for movement he has been more comfortable and had fewer leaks. We also use a barrier ring, applied to the wafer first, in an oval pattern ( his stoma is not perfectly round) to help control leaks. Our WOCN nurse told us this would snuggle closer to protect the skin, but would move with the stoma as it grows and shrinks.

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I have a perastomal hernia and one of the symptoms is swelling of the stoma. It actually looks quite deformed when it swells up and I have to measure Lucy each time I change my barrier. So I'm going to change to a Convatec moldable barrier which fits like a turtleneck around the stoma and can take the up and down swelling and help to prevent leakages.

Good Luck

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