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suprapubic stoma

i am a prostate concer patient , and my prostae is closing off my bladder, so i have to self catherize 3 times a day, the doctor suggested a spurapubic stoma, , does any have experince with this?

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As a result of physical disability, I have had a suprapubic catheter since 1998. Of course, the s/p cath presents its own set of challenges: susceptibility to bladder infections and sometimes bladder stones; scheduled cath changes; possibility of the need for irrigation and bladder meds;... Having said all that, I still am so grateful for the positive changes in my life and independence the s/p cath gives me.

Like anything else of this nature, you commit yourself:
1) to learning all you can about the procedure - before, during and after;
2) to realizing that there will be problems at times; and
3) to seeking help as soon as you need it.

It's a whole new way of life but it also holds such potential for positive change in one's life...

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