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Sepsis and Explosive Diarrhea at the Paris Vegas

My daughter asked me to go along with her to "The Big Event" for a business she recently joined. I knew several of the people in the business, as I had gone to a few of the early meetings. I'd had my last chemo treatment a few days before "The Big Event" and my nausea was still quite active, but I couldn't find my Zofran, the day we were to leave. Those first several days after chemo, sometimes a whole week, I'd typically have severe constipation, which later would transition to diarrhea for a couple of days.

I didn't pack Lomotil or any other anti-diarrheal for that eventuality, because I'd ended up in the hospital with blockages, nearly every time I'd used them.

I went to part of one Big Event meeting and told my daughter I'd be back in the room. I felt really nauseated. I was also dizzy, and terribly fatigued. I'd been on an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection, which I seemed to be having chronically since they'd inserted a stent to drain a kidney with hydronephrosis.

When my daughter was finished with her meetings, I walked around the Vegas "strip" with her, seeing a few of the sights, which really don't interest me, but tourists always seem to want to see-- the music, light, and water show outside the Bellagio, and various architectural and artistic ripoffs from famous place in Europe... the fake "David" sculpture, and at our own hotel, the imitation Eiffel Tower...

I felt very tired and dizzy quite early. We stopped for a drink. I ordered Perrier with cranberry juice and a twist of lime. It was horrible. So was my daughter's blue martini. We left them on the table and went back to the room.

I don't recall much more of the weekend, except that I forced myself out of bed for the BIG big event, which was supposed to have a famous singer, some dancing, and a dinner. I couldn't pull myself together to get to the dinner on time. I was still nauseated and constipated and dizzy. I got there after all the food was gone, except dessert. Knowing I have a severe food allergy to dairy, I nevertheless decided to take a couple bites of a creamy chocolate mousse, because, after all, if you're consipated, what's the harm in taking a bite of something that usually causes diarrhea... right?

I left the event early, dizzier than ever, and went up to bed. On the day we were to leave, I was unable to get out of bed to get dressed, repack the suitcase, and go. My daughter had meetings in the morning. She came up to find me quite out of it, and I asked her to ask for a later checkout. The hotel gave us until two. She came up just before two and I was still almost comatose. We had no idea how sick I was. My daughter got the hotel to give us until three to check out without penalty or paying an extra night. I got dressed. My daughter packed my bag, and I followed her out the door. She disappeared down the elevator before I'd quite made it down the hall to the bank of sofas near the elevator. A man stopped me in the hall.
You do not look like you're up to this," he said. "Do you need help?"

"Please, just get me to that couch", I replied.

"Where are you going?"

"Home. Los Angeles."

"You'll never make it there. Let me call for some help for you."

Presently, a paramedic arrived as I was nearly passed out on the sofa. He asked if I wanted to go to the ER. I said no.

My daughter arrived back upstairs, having checked out, and the man from the hallway said, "Is this your mother?"


"She is too sick to travel. You need to get her to a hospital, or at least let her sleep here one more night. Maybe she'll feel better."

She argued that we could not afford another night. He went with her to the hotel desk and negotiated for a discount rate for the night. I went back to bed.

I don't know when it happened, but at some point in the night I noticed there was poop sprayed all over the corner of our Paris hotel wall (flocked, velveteen wallpaper) and on the carpeting. My daughter woke up and said my ostomy bag was in that corner, too.

Apparently, explosive diarrhea had blown the bag off while I walked to the bathroom, earlier that night.

I think I recall taking a few hot showers and baths in that hotel room. I always made sure I was clean and had a fresh bag before bathing.

I also recall diarrhea had sprayed all over the floor a few times, and I'd wiped it up with towels. But I was barely conscious.

In any case, the next day I still felt horrible, but, dressed and somehow with a clean, empty bag applied to my abdomen, I was ready to go. My daughter called the hotel desk to tell them they'd need to clean up some extra messes in the bathroom and on the wall...

The man who came to clean did NOT look happy, she said.

We drove home, which took several hours. Actually, my daughter did all the driving. I slept. That was a Sunday. Monday, I had a doctor appointment I canceled. I felt too sick.

Tuesday I had a friend drive me to my doctor appointment, and when I walked into the building I passed out, A number of people picked me up, asked questions I was too disoriented to answer, and after asking my doctor's name and suite number (it was suite 420, the number synonymous with marijuana in California), I think they all decided I was a drug freak looking for drugs, and instead of helping me to the doctor's office, they sent me back to my friend's car.

I don't know if it was later that night or the same day, but my oldest daughter, at home, asked me, "So do you want to die or go to the ER." I hadn't realized I might be dying. I guess I went. I woke, hours later, in what I was told was the "Telemetry Ward". I was on a heart monitor, for some reason.

Later in the week, I was moved to a medical/surgical ward. A urologist was brought in who removed my stent, which apparently had been the cause of sepsis, a complete body toxicity that could have killed me.

Also, when admitted, I'd had hypotension and hyponatremia, which also could have killed me. My fevers regularly spiked to between 101 and over 103 degrees.

I was in the hospital until the following Sunday, and was finally released with a prescription for Ampicillin, which I continued to take for a week. I had a couple more high fevers, but was eventually all right, though I've been quite dizzy and sleepy since then.

I expect to be back to normal, soon. My latest PET/CT, right before the Vegas trip, showed no more cancer. It would have been ironic to get that news and then die of a deadly infection.

I assume the Paris didn't charge my daughter an extra fee for the poop cleanup. I imagine some guests get drunk and vomit all over. It IS Vegas, after all.

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CANCANCER, you poor baby I am truly sorry for your ordeal. You are ok praise God and home safe and sound with the antibotics you will be good to go. I a truly happy that you do not have the cancer that is wonderful news. REST and get strong.
God bless

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That's quite a story. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm looking for a really interesting gal to go with me on a trip to Vagas. You interested? I like adventure.
(Of course, I'll have to ask my wife but she always wants me to have new adventures with interesting people and there's no doubt that you are interesting.)

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LOL, Katuha! That's funny. No thanks. It's my policy never to go to Vegas with a married guy, if I know he's married, regardless of his wife's attitude about it. In fact, it's my policy not to go to Vegas with guys, at all. Maybe if they marry me first. But they'd have to be EXTREMELY interesting and wonderful, for that to happen. I'm absolutely not signing up for another 24 years of "Oh, God, get me out of here!" But in any case, I don't think I'll be going back to Vegas for a very long time.

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Thanks, Dolly. I am getting better daily. But I do seem to need a lot of sleep. Maybe when this heat wave ends, I'll perk up...

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So sorry you went thru so much at a time that should have been relaxing & enjoyable. Yes its good news for PET but sad about the stint. I pray you feel much better & start getting stronger healthier soon.
Take care, get lots of rest, & feel better real soon! 8)

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thanks, pjs. I hope the stent just isn't needed anymore. they'll take a look at a new PET scan in six months, and see if the kidney is draining on its own. I intend to make it work. I think the blockage was due to scar tissue from radiation. Hopefully, that will begin to heal.

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All I can say is WOW!!! If I felt that bad I wouldn't have even gone. I also would have gone to the emergency room. If you are on chemo you can't mess around like that. Glad you are feeling better. Please be careful.

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The stent was the culprit! I had one in after ovarian cancer surgery, and was so happy when they took it out 2 months later!!!What a story you had to tell. I do understand you dragging yourself when you weren't feeling well. I tend to force myself often especially for my children. Glad you are feeling better.

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My Lord!! I never heard such a terrible story! I can't imagine being sick and away from home. That would scare me more than the illness itself.
I am glad to read that you are feeling better. Hopefully, the cancer is gone for good and you can get on with your life.

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I agree with Nano. If I weren't feeling well before the scheduled trip, I would never have gone. I don't think there is anything worse than being ill when away from home. I can't understand why your daughter didn't just leave her meeting and either get you to a hospital or home immediately. You were actually in a life/death situation. Please, please take care of yourself now. Get the rest you need so that your body can heal. Blessings on you.

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Your picture is probably on the "do not let her in" list like the gamblers who beat the system. If you're not planning to go back there again any time soon, I wouldn't worry about it. However, if you do, be sure to pick a different hotel and wear a disgise.

May all of your blowouts be small ones not involving walls. HAPPY TRAILS

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My laugh for the day. What would I do without the people on this site. You educate me, you listen to me, you provide me with humor. By the way, do you know the difference between humor and odor? Humor is a shift of wit. Is that appropriate here or what? People may not like following our act in the bathroom but we have to be in there with it.

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Alan, turn on your bathroom ceiling exhaust fan. It works wonders. If you don't have a ceiling fan, use a clothespin. My dog won't even come into the bathroom with me any more. What a sad state of affairs (for her, not me.)

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The old addage, "a fox can't smell his own hole" is absolutely true.

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Alan and Katuha, abstaining from eating meat and dairy products REALLY reduces the odor. Not saying my poop doesn't stink, but... it's not full of rotting meat and all the dead, fermenting fruit that sits on top of that for hours, instead of going through in the half to two hours, tops, that fruit and vegetable based foods take to digest. However, for the mild odor that does occur in the bathroom, I use an all natural orange oil spray. And once in a while, I flashback to the seventies and burn a stick of incense in the bathroom, OR a beautifully scented candle. We have no bath fan. There's a window that we open, but we have to be careful about that. Some of our neighbors smoke some fairly skunky-smelling marijuana. It's legal, for medical purposes, here in California. But I never flash that far back to the seventies. I smoked it very few times, in my wasted youth, and every time, I went completely nuts. Maybe it was laced with other stuff.... but the bottom line is... my mango scented candle smells better than pot. In fact, my poop smells better than pot.

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Nanny-o, i was only mildly nauseated when I left home. And I thought I'd have the energy to stop in a Vegas RiteAid to refill my Zofran. I had no idea, really, that I had a deadly condition.

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I am familiar with having no idea about a deadly condition. Last January I went to the ER for the umpteenth time. Thought I was dehydrated. Well, I was. But I also have C-diff that kept me in the hospital for three weeks.

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Oooooooh, Man. Girls who smell of pot and patuli oil. Now there's a really happy vision blast from the past. I love the smell of both. Are you sure you won't consider another trip to Vagas? I know. I know. .... married man and all. It's just a thought. But girl, would we have some fun (assuming you don't blow out again, of course.) I wouldn't gamble. I'd just stand around smelling you, I promise.

WHACK! My wife just hit me in the back of my head. Oh well. Just a thought. Luv, Katuha

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Allen, what is C-diff?

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BTW: after your description of what food does once inside of me, I'm beginning my fast today. I don't know if or when I'll go back into the bathroom again but I know I won't look in the bowl again anytime soon. It's like the monster under the bed thing for me now.

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