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rectal bleeding post ileostomy

I had a sub-total colectomy (rectal "stump" left in place) in November 2011. I continue to have rectal bleeding, some days are worse than others, despite taking Cortifoam enemas. My doc thinks it could be diversion colitis or residual UC. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what was done?

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I had surgery on August 22, 2011 and also had a stump left behind. I have had residual bleeding and in the last few months have gone to full flare symptoms. I have had several appointments with my doctors and am now "waiting" for them to get their shit together so they can remove it. This will make my ileostomy permanent which is fine with me, I'm just tired of being sick and tired.

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My rectal stump began causing me severe pain for several months, years after my ileostomy surgery. I went back to my colon rectal surgical team and they set up the surgery to remove it. I sure felt better afterwards, and it turned out that the stump was completely inflamed. No wonder I was in the pain I was in. Good luck to you on finding a solution.

Take care and God Bless,


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Hi, since my surgery last June, I have had some discomfort and daily drainage of some form or other. When I started noticing blood, I called my surgeon and he said it was "normal". I seem to be experiencing more discomfort in my rectum and plan on talking to my new surgeon (I moved) about it when we discuss my grapefruit size hernia. The gastro surgeon I saw in the ER last Friday for severe abdominal pain, said that if I am having surgery on the hernia anyway, it may be a good time to remove the rectum and eliminate any chance of further inflammation and cancer. Some one on this site mentioned once, that it was a good thing to have it done, even tho from what people on this site have said, the recov ery is very difficult, because at some point it could end up becoming cancerous.
I wasn't ready to have the rectal surgery done with the last surgery, it didn't seem to be an immediate need, but at this point, I just want everything "fixed" so I can resume a more normal life and not be worrying about a future uc inflammation.
mtnbiker72- I totally agree, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired too. Good luck, and let me know how you do.
Take care everyone and thank you for your advise. Carol

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2-yrs after my original ileo, and then a surgery 1-yr later to disconnect the anastomoses, I continue to have discharge....some of it bowel, some of it blood. I had also asked to have my rectum ileo was not due to cancer or ulcerative colitis. My surgeon sd that the surgery is risky, difficult, and a hard recovery. Not worth it if cancer is not involved. Over the past month, I have been given Canasa....a rectal suppository that treats ulcerative proctitis, which is related to the diversion. 2-weeks of use and my bleeding has stopped. My Gastro, who works with my surgeon, wants me to go to every other day usage, and we will stop after 30-days. Start again if needed.

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Had an Ileostomy Sept 2011 due to Stage II Colon Cancer. Surgeon left rectal stump for possible reconnection later. Have
finished 24 weeks of chemo. During previous 8 months, had some drainage from rectum - mostly minimal enough that I
didn't need a pad - mostly clear mucos. Surgeon said all was normal. Just finished an Alaska Cruise with family to celebrate
completion of chemo. Early into trip, my drainage increased enough that I needed three pads a day - some spotty bleeding, and
some discoloration to mucus. My surgeon is on vacation, and won't see him until 8 June. During this trip, I was moving
more than usual. Anyone noticed that their drainage increases with activity? Anyone have any experience as to what (if anything) can be done to reduce drainage, or keep it from becoming other than normal? Previoiusly it was just a sometime nusance, but
was so much that it limited me somewhat, and if pad and underwear wasn't changed, made me have a "wet baby" odor. On the
positive side, I was able to eat anything I wanted, and unlike before surgery, had none of myraid bowel problems! Could
extra eating have any influence on amount of drainage? Appreciate any wisdom you have to share! Sincerely.

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I hear you mtnbiker72. I have that constant feeling of the broom stick blues. I have that pus and blood every day after my ileostomy in Oct. 11. I guess I just have to ride it out and hope for the best. Pain is just a four letter word anymore. But I refuse to let this get me down. Getting back on chopper and Victory motorcycles again puts a big smile on my face.

Zenaprincess, keep your head up. My heart goes out to you. Good times ahead...

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