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Questions to ask surgeon

Hi I'm due to go see surgeon in three weeks about rectum removal and was wondering what questions I should ask him. I've already got ileostomy and I'll get put on waiting list after this appointment hopefully it won't be till next yr. Thanks in advance x

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Good morning Cheerbear,
I think the biggest thing to ask is about how things are going to be after the surgery. Here in the States, its been my experience that doctors usually talk all that medical speak and I just sit there and nod.

Ask him/her to break it down so you can understand everything especially the after care. What to expect, feelings, depression, mobility, care, and how to go about life.

You have an ileostomy already. Adding a colostomy is a bit different. Getting a routine down is teh main thing. If you can go and get your business done in the AM after coffee or tea, then you really dont have to worry about filling up the bag any more. If I drink coffee in the afternoon, I fill a bag. So you have somewhat control. Anyway ask about the after care.

Good luck,


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Hi Kailua have you had yours removed already? thanks for the quick reply have you got crohns or colitis? x

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Hello Cheerbear,
I had my rectum removed when I had an ileostomy in prox 2001.
I presume you are a man?!
I'm asking because being a woman, I found sex very painful for a long time afterwards-----prox 2 years.
My surgeon left a very small bit of rectum so that I looked "normal"! and that in itself has caused a few problems over the years as there was discharge which sometimes caused the most excruciating pain when it built up to a certain amount before being expelled.
It felt like severe cramp right up inside the bum area and i didn't know what to do with myself until I eventually found a solution.
If this happens to you, just bear down as hard as you can as though you're going to the loo and this seems to alleviate and then sort out the pain.
I hope this is helpful----and good luck!
Jenny, Cirencester, England.

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No I'm a woman lol sounds awful does it go away eventually? :/ do you still get pain there now and how do you look after it thank for this x

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Hi again Cheerbear,
Don't be put off or frightened by what I said.
Things do get better.
If you have a bit of rectum left after surgery there will probably be a small amount of jelly -like discharge.
Sometimes it builds up inside and needs to be expelled and that's when the cramping pain sets in with me.
You may be perfectly ok as everyone is different.
I only mentioned it because I finally found the solution with the "bearing down" that i mentioned.
I still get a small amount of discharge from what's left (I think it's known as a rectal stump in medical terms ), and now I can deal with it.
on the whole I'm managing fine as I'm sure you will.
Love Jenny, England

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I had discharge but it went away after a few months. It never was painful, just a nuisance. It caused my underwear to stick to me. That's the only discomfort I ever felt. Ask Marge what she does.

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I get the discharge now coz I've still got it now but will it go away after it is removed? xx

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I have about an inch of rectum left and I experienced the discharge for about three or four months. Nothing major, never any pain, just a nuisance.

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