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Can someone tell me how to know or tell if the stoma has a prolapse? Hockeymom

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Holly I googled prolpse stomas and pictures of prolapse stomas. It looks like the intestines loop and come out the stoma. So it looks like your stoma is realy realy long. Several inches long. I sure hope you are not experiencing this. I think you need surgery to fix a prolape stoma. Have you gotten in to see your new Dr. and WOCN yet? I hope you are finaly feeling better. Keep us posted. xox terri

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Hi Terri, yes seen the new doctor he did a colonoscopy and a entergram CT scan and couldn't find anything wrong so he doesn't know why this colostomy isn't working. So went back to my Dr. Who did the surgery and she just said to stay on laxatives and pretty much walked out of the room. I looked up the prolapse my stoma don't look as bad as the pictures I seen bit it does look longer than it use to be. So I guess I have to call my Dr again but when I left her office the last time she told the receptionist I didn't need to be seen anymore. So I will see if she will see me. I hope so cause this is making me worried. I haven't had a wocn since three weeks after my surgery so she better see me. Hockeymom

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Hockey, I have had my stoma go prolapse 4 times. I have had it repaired 4 times. It is now back for the 5th time and I have decided to just live with it for now. The first time it happened to me my stoma was out 6 inches. then 5, 4, and now 3-3.5.
A stoma goes prolapse when it begins to come out more than the normal position. My stoma is out 3 1/2 inches at the current time. They call it "telescoping" or acting like a telescope. Once you lay down, it goes back in. Hence, at least in my case, gravity is the issue.
It does not hurt, nor is it an issue of concern. The issue is it is exposed more than a standard stoma and that make it more susceptable to injury.
When I asked my surgeon what's next, he said we would have to move it to my left side because my right side is not going to support it any longer. I have mesh in there, but the muscle area is weak. That's why I opted to hold off as long as I can.
So, bottom line it is just a nuisance. A little harder to change the bag, a little harder to clean on the bottom of the stoma.
Hope that helps.

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That's outrageous Hockeymom!!! I can't believe your doctor would say that!! Have you tried eating more of the liquid causing foods/drinks to help push things through and keep them moving?
Is there anything other than laxatives that could get your peristalsis moving more? I've never had to deal with this.. My dealings have all been trying to put the brakes on and slow mine down!!

I have not had an issue with prolapse.. It will grow slightly.. but just a "normal" movement... so I can't offer any advice on this.

You should be able to see your WCON whenever you desire, aside from seeing your surgeon. I'm sorry that your surgeon is not being more supportive or compassionate with your issues.

Bless you... You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

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Sounds like you should find another doctor - one who cares!! Like Mare, I cannot believe your doctor said that and just walked out! I guess I'm really lucky to have my PCP (my wonderful PCP has retired but our new PCP shared the office with her and her husband and he, too, is wonderful!) When he found out I turned over our care (mine & hubby - the family that sees a doctor together, heals together! LOL) to him, he called to say he would keep my appointment for the same day & time as it was scheduled with my former PCP. He also asked how I was doing with my bladder infection. Not many doctors do that anymore and it's not like he's trying to establish his practice - it already is!! He's taking on more patients due to the retirement of both my PCP and her husband!

Prolapse is not something I would like to live with. Sure hope you do see a or your new doctor (looks like you do have one) and hope the doctor is a good fit for you! Keep us posted!


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Hi Hockeymom,
I hope you don't have a prolapse, but you also said that it wasn't working so you are trying laxatives. You might try talking to Button on the UOAA site as she has had to deal with this for some time now. She keeps to soft foods and liquids to manage hers and I'm not sure what all else, medication wise. But she is very knowledgable and can give you great insight in this area.
God Bless and I hope all works out for you soon.


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Donna I think I tried to find her I couldn't and I would really like to talk to her.

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Mare That was the same question I have is there something I could do beside laxatives my nurse said she only comes a few times till you get use to changing the pouches I have tried to get her once before and they told me I was dismissed with home care. I'm just very scared it's a prolapse. I had a colonoscopy done a few weeks or so ago and he said I didn't have a hernia but I press around my abdomen to get the stool to come out so I don't know if that did something or not god I hope not. I have enough problems with all this.

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Hockeymom, You'll have to join so you can post. You'll catch her attention if your title mentions something about little to no output, or intestine not working..she's on there all the time and she will reply to you, I'm sure.
Give it a try..nice people there, too.

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What does the uoaa stand for

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Hockeymom, It is the United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. I just type into google 'uoaa discussion board'
and that will take you directly to discussions. If you choose Index Board, it will show you different boards, like Veterans, or Parents, etc. I think there is a button at the top right of the discussions that says Register or at the top box, I forget exactly how to join, but it's easy. Hope you make a connection! :)

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I've had a prolapse stoma after I was I was pregnant and my abdominal muscles stretched. Your intestines literally start to telescope out. Very weird and not something you want to really live with depending on the degree. Anyway, it didn't interfere with how my stoma worked. I did wear a prolapse belt that had a flap on it that kept my stoma from prolapsing. Of course when you lie down it goes right back inside but when you're walking around all day upright, it tends to prolapse out which is why the belt was very helpful. I did have surgery to fix it and haven't had any problems since.

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