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Possible fistula on the lower margin of my stoma

Hi everyone. I have an open area directly touching the lower margin of my illeostomy which drains liquid feces. This makes fitting the wafer very difficult for me, causing product failure (leaks). As a result, I cut the opening a little larger, to prevent the wafer from blocking it. Has anyone else had this problem? I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow. I hope he refers me to a wound/ostomy nurse.

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Hi Cass,
Sorry to hear about your problem.

I had a fistula where the stoma connected to my skin. I saw my ostomy nurse and she put something that looks like angel hair on the affected area. If i recall correctly, it is called sorbsan rope. It worked great. The fistula healed. It is also good for irritated skin.
I also had to make sure that my the opening to my wafer is not too tight around the stoma because this can cause a fistula to form or cause other problems.

I hope this info helps you out.
let us know how things go
take care,
god bless you

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Hi Cass,

Sorry to hear that you are going thru this. It cannot be easy and you must be going thru tons of supplies. I hope that your surgeon has you see an Ostomy Nurse. I found that surgeons don't know squat about the supplies just the surgery they did for you to need them. My Ostomy Nurse is awesome. He knows everything and if he stumbles upon something he will not give up. Not sure where you live but if it is in WI I can recommend him.

Keep us updated I would like to know how things progress.

Sweet Dreams

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Thank you everyone for your advice. Wish I knew about this site sooner. Didn't know that a too tight opening would cause a fistula. I am pretty sure I am guilty.

I am in Pennsylvania. I will push for an ostomy nurse referral. I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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Good Cass we are glad to have you here. It was a blessed day for me when I found this site and found so much insite and care.

Please keep us updated and I know the Ostomy Nurse is the way to go.

Have a great night!!

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Had a pretty good visit with the surgeon. He checked all my concerns except for the wound touching my stoma! That's okay, because he did give me the referral for wound care, which is what I wanted anyway. He "burned" a surgical wound that is also under my appliance with silver nitrate. That was fun! I am a little sick of pain, but from what I gather, it could have been a hell of alot worse. My diseased bowel perforated during surgery. Getting better and stronger every day. God is good!

Hope everyone has a good day!

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Hi Cass,

Look at you all excited from being able to get silver nitrate and getting to see a wound nurse! Can't get any better then this right ; - ) No on a serious note all that you just posted sounds like a positive turn for the better. How are you feeling now? When do you see the wound Nurse?

Isn't it amazing you would think by now we would be so tolerant of pain that if we would get chopped up by an ax we wouldn't feel a thing, but to this day I get a scratch from my cat I am tearing up. Were just human though and you know the good thing about pain? Reminds you your alive. yay : - )

Hope you have a good night and keep us updated.


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Hi everyone.

The wound that was treated with silver nitrate is now draining purulent material (puss) and has a pretty bad rash around it. I am scheduled to see the wound/ostomy nurse on Thursday. In the meantime, I am keeping it clean, and covering it with a 4x4 twice a day. I cut the wafer so it doesn't cover this area. I hope it doesn't get any worse.

Have a blessed day! It is cold, but beautiful here in Philadelphia today.

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Hi Cass,

I hope it doesn't get any worse either and am wishing you all of the best.

Keep us updated I want to know how things go.

Love JRo

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