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Panty Hose

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are having a good day and feeling as best as possible.

Can anyone suggest any type of panty hose that would work? I cannot find a pair that isnt so tight over the pouch, and when I keep them below the pouch they just roll down.

I don't like thigh highes because I have really large thighs and they are so uncomfortable and really honestly wierd feeling. It may sounds strange but they make me feel naked.

Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks much and God Bless

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Good morning,

I do not wear them very often, but I went to the next size up and do not wear the ones with a control top. I have an ileostomy so I end up emptying my pouch more often.

I hope you find something that works for you.


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If you have an appliance belt, try hooking the to of your pnty hose to th belt with old fashioned garders. Might help. Just a suggestioon 'cause Im afraid I don't wear panty hose often!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck Dan

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I have bigger thighs too, and I found some thigh highs years ago at Dillard's that don't squeeze, and actually stay in place. $5 a pair. Otherwise I think I would do what Hunt says and buy them a size bigger with no control top.

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Try to find maternity panty hose.They work.

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I gave up trying to wear pantyhose, they caused to many problems. I used to wear knee-highs with dress slacks but started having trouble with my legs swelling. I don't wear dresses so I wear my sneakers or sandals with everything. I think the maternity pantyhose is a great idea, I'll keep that in mind should I have the need.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I really appreciate it. I hate panty hose and would love not to where them, but with this last surgery I lost sooo very much weight that nothing fits and I don't want to go out and by a whole bunch of new clothes. So skirts are the easiest thing to pin. But winter is coming up and I will have to have the panty hose. Yuk.

Unless someone knows of a place to shop where you can find jeans and dress pants for under $20, and clothes in decent condition. I anyone knows please let m know.

You had some great ideas though. I thank you.


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Try shopping at your local thrift store. My grandaughter does although she would never admit it.

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Hi everyone: I often wear Spanx, the footless ones under pants and jeans just for warmth here in Montana. I sometimes wear regular colored tights with a skirt, so how do you wear them? It seems like over the bag would be too tight on the bag, or how about under the appliance? All my clothing is still way to big, and the tights are not as tight, but this is what I have been wondering! Any ideas?

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Thank you Trevbean, I am still waiting myself to figure this out excpecially with Winter acoming very soon and I still haven't done good job gaining any weight. I just truly hate thigh highs. I just can't seem to come up with something that is not to tight to be over the bag, and ones that are not uncomfortable being so low on the waist. You know what we should do, we should create panty hose with a hole to fit over the bag. Isn't that great, I bet we could become millionaires..... ok maybe not, but really maybe that's what I am going to do. Buy some panty hose and cut a hole, then tighten the seams with nail polish or something. What do you think? However it may be difficult to pull them down to go to wee wee.

Hope you have a great night!


Hope you have a good weekend.

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Pantyhose give me a sense of security when I am going somewhere dressy, especially right after surgery. I also lost weight so they
seem to fit ok. Don't wear them often, have not worn a skirt or dress yet, for 8 months.

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I had thought of the same idea, just had not thought of the finger polish idea. I am a big fan of the long johns, underarm or and those spans footless tights, they add a perfect layer of warmth and you can pick the perfect sock. I am glad someone else out there thinks of these important issues. Good night,

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I buy the next size up also. But instead of nylons I prefer tights and love the ones at Macys....with no tummy control. Everything else bothered me but these work very well and feel comfortable!

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Just another tip....besides the tights from I said just besure to get the NO CONTROL TOP. I am 91 lbs and have gotten rid of many of my form fitting clothes. But since I tried these I am alright to wear shirts now. I usually get a 1, but went to a size 2. We are ballroom dancers and I have missed wearing shirts! I also would check out maternaty pants at Old Navy ...they are less expensive and can be worn with long sweaters and if you get slims with boots for winter. Good Luck! I am still trying to find comfortable clothing ....I am 8 months out of Surgery. Good Luck! Keep trying and you will find something that makes you feel attractive even with your new friend!

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