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Ostomy Wraps

This is a review of an ostomy wrap I recently tried out. What are some of your favorite ostomy accessories?

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I am jogging with hopes of competing in a 1/2 marathon or a marathon. I have been using just tube tops and then switched to wraps from ostemysecrets. They both tend to try to move down and then my stoma gets irritated. I have since gone to the stealthbelt.

Anybody else have any ideas on what to use for running or biking?

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Some other wrap items that we have discussed on other threads. None of these are ostomy items, but they are the same concept. Beband (at target) in maternity section. Obviously it was originally made for pregnant women to give support to a belly. it is about a 9 inch wide, very stretchy. IBlack or white and $14.96 Fairly compressive so may not work for everyone. Other regular items are Trendytops sold now at :"As Seen on TV" areas of most drugstores and walmart. Same idea, less comressive then Beband. You get 2 bands (one black, one white) for 10,95. Or go the site It is offerred in 3 sizes, sm/med, med/large, Lge/ex lage. This is more cottony with less heavy duty stretch. Lastly, there is a little bit narrower band from which comes in xsmall to xx lage. About 8 inch wide and cotton.stretch mix. I actually have all of these and they come in handy for different things.

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My son wears pull ups and they tend to slip down cutting his pouch in half then urine is at the top, then leaks, then more ulcers, will these wraps help keep his pouch in place? Will they interfere with urine flow? I try to check his pull-up but if he's in school, I can't check. Today he came home wet. I am so frustrated with all of this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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