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I live in North Carolina and my son has ileostomy and we have private insurance and Medicaid. I was told we have a 2500 deductible on our private insurance and Medicaid would not pay until this is taken care of. I have never had to deal with this in the past. His supplier is telling me he has to pay cash for his supplies. Can someone please give me some advice on how to handle this. We have enough supplies to last one more week. I do not have any money to help him purchase supplies right now.

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go to salts medical supplies on line it is located great Britain ask for samples and they will ship them to you in the states .they have a lot of free supplies

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There are a few web sites you can go to for free samples: Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec and Nu-Hope. They sent me samples and they came in handy. How old is your son, I have some bags I cant use but they are adult size, not youth size. Let me know if you can use them. And I hope you get things resolved soon. Happy Holidays.

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Thanks so much for the help with supplies. I will contact these company's. My son is 19.

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These bag I have should fit him and I am more than happy to send them. They are Coloplast 1 piece SenSura 15521 if you want to see what they look like. Let me know and private message me your address and I will send them out. Happy Holidays. Im still new with my illeostomy myself (2 months) And I'm still trying to find the right bag and what my insurance will cover, hang in there.

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Morgan6117 , I spoke to a rep at Convatec this morning ( she was checking on me with supplies) and she told me they had a program called Access, its for people who need help because insurance dont cover supplies or have a high deductable. They give you a 3 month supply to help you out. She said to call their 800 number and ask to speak to someone about the program. I hope this helps you out. Take care.

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I called convatec and they are going to sent out samples and try to get him on the Access program. If they do this he should meet his deductible by then. Thank you so much for the information.

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You are very welcome, Merry Christmas

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