Ostomy reversal frequent bm's and diaper rash

Hello, my daughter had an ostomy reversal in Sept. 2011 she was 15 months old. She is now almost 20 months old. She had about a foot of her colon removed. She is still having frequent BM's a day somtimes up to 10times per day. Depending on her diet we can see some improvements. She goes in waves with her sever diaper rash. Has anyone gone through this themselves or with a child? Dr.s keep saying it will take time. The old she gets the better it will get. I pray that that is true, sometimes I just feel that this could be a forever thing? Any advice?

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I so sorry to hear your baby is suffering with bad diaper rashes. I was going to have the reversal but now that has changed. I am sure you have your baby on a low residue diet. I was told in the beginning that it would take about 6/10 months to get better. Someone just posted a similar problem with her baby having really bad diaper rashes. So many caring people wrote in to offer their advice. I was going to recommend using MONKEY BUTT PASTE and another person also wrote in mentioning the same thing. It helped me tremedously when I had a very bad rash. You should check out the other posts.

Let your baby's bottom "hang in the breeze." There is nothing better to dry out the area than taking the diaper off for a while whenever the coast is clear (e.g., right after cleaning off a bowel movement).

Consider changing the baby's diaper to a different brand or even try these new diapers that contain cellulose gel very high tech. Find a cream that has zinc oxide which gives the best protection or even petroleum product. Call your pediatrian so he/she can recommend to you what you should use. I was also eating Activa nd it helped me tremedously. I am not sure if a baby can eat yogurt though. I was given a sample of drug that helped cured my yeast infection called Altaxbax but you need a prescription for this. Good luck and god bless

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Also another one is called BEAUDREUX(sp) paste and you can get it in the baby dept....I saw some the other day when I was buying some little blue bags for my disposable of my bag....or appliance ,I think is what some are wanting to call it....that paste is very cool and soothing and protects your blistered hiney....But one thing I learned never use any kind of wipes , no matter what of any kind. I used them before I got my colostomy and every brand , with aloe, hyperallergenic.....they all make you burn like you are on wild fire . I always wondered why my grandkids would scream and fight when i used them .....i found out...also I found out that a lot of kids cant wear the disposable diapers...might try cloth diapers and be careful of the detergent....I'm red-headed and light complected and am constantly having to be careful...lol

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I also want to add and see if your doctor could prescribe nystatin cream another medicine that has cleared up my yeast rash. I have wound next to my appliance that has healed but the crease is still there and every so often moisture gets inside and causes a rash.

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IThanks everyone for the suggestions. We did get some nystatin cream for the yeast infection and that has cleared it up. We are currently using ILEX protectant paste mixed with vasoline for her bottom. That seems to help the best. We have been giving her yogurt (activia) and even tried some probiotic powder to mix in her milk. We tried the BEAUDREUX cream/paste, however that didn;t help :( I havn;t tried the monkey butt paste. pretty much everyone on the shelf we have tried. nothing seems to help keep that barrier on her bottom. Where can you get the cellulose diapers at? Never heard on them. We tried higgies when she was younger but we didn't care for them that much. We are using pampers cruisers. I usally buy wipes for sensitive skin and it usually doesn't bother her that much, however my husband accidently bought scented ones this time and her poor bottom was burning. Going to get the unscented ones ASAP! I even tried cold Rose water and it seems to be soothing for her but of course i still have to use the paste on her bottom to help protect her bottom. Thanks again for the advice!!

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Did ya'll know yogurt can cause yeast infections if you arent careful?

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Absorbent Gelling Material (AGM) or Cellulose

Webmed.com talked about new technology regarding cellulose gel but then again all disposable diapers use cellulose gel

All disposable diapers use either cellulose or absorbent gelling material (AGM) to absorb waste. Absorbent gelling material is made up of sodium polyacralates that help separate the urine from the solids. Cellulose is made from simple wood and plant materials. Studies have shown that infants who use diapers containing AGMs experience significantly less diaper rash than traditional disposables due to decreased skin wetness. Neither of these products typically contain a strong odor, and both are attributed to helping control and contain diaper smell. This article did not particularly mention which diaper to buy.

Some better brands of disposable diapers areTender Care, Seventh Generation and Nature Babycare. They might be more expensive but you can buy these through Amazon.

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Calmoseptine ointment...promotes healing from urine, diarrhea perspiration, fistula drainage, feeding tube site leakage, wound drainage (peri-wound skin)...recommended by my Gastro when I was having so much fecal incontinence. No diaper cream in the world would stop the rash or burning. I'd had a total colectomy, do my leakage was liquid bowel. A dime's worth felt like fire. This ointment, carried by cvs, walgreens, target, drugstore.com, and their own website was a God-send. I have since had an ileostomy and because if the fecal incontinence, we can't do a reversal...pelvic wall and sphincter damage.

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I have Ilex also....just can't use it for bag issues, not the other ointment I mentioned, which is hesling, cooling, and a protectant....meant for those who have had colon or urological surgery and are now having leakage.

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