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Hi, I'm sorry if this seems like a dumb question , but how do you use the ostomy paste. It did not come with any instructions,and truthfully I am confused as to if I am suppose to place on the skin forming a circle tightly around the stoma, or on the bag itself. I am still experimenting using products to prevent leaks from occuring. I think my problem is waste collects under the wafer, forcing the seal to break. Adhesive sprays have helped, but I feel it happens to frequently, and the stress of worrying about a leak occuring is really getting to me.

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Hi Summerlover,
I believe you can do either with the paste - put it directly on your skin or on the wafer. It depends on if you have "crevices" that need to be filled. Personally, I put it around the wafer then use dampened fingertips to adjust it as needed. I then use a blow dryer on a cool, low setting for about 20 seconds to help with the adhesion. Hope that helps!

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You can try using an eakin seal by Convatec or barrier ring first before putting on your wafer. I find the paste too messy. These rings extend your wear time and help prevent leaks. There are many different brands out on the market. Hollister, Coloplast, Convatec, Cymed, Marlin etc. They all offer some sort of seal or ring.

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The paste is designed to work like caulking around the bathtub. If you have a crevice where your system always seems to leak, that might be a gook place to try the paste before applying your system to your skin.

Have you measured your stoma lately? Remember the hole in your pouch should be 1/8 inch in diameter bigger than the diameter of your hole.

Have you had a WOCN nurse check you to see if you need convexity due to a "short" stoma? The convex products help push your abdomen in slightly so the stoma sticks out more, allowing your output to flow out over your pouch opening and into the pouch, instead of sticking around and breaking down the pectin wafer.

You didn't say how long you are going before you start to leak. 3 hours? 3 days? 3 weeks? Whatever it is, don't try to go that long. If you start to leak after 3 days, change your system after 2 days. Beat the Leak!! You skin will thank you for it.

I never had any luck with the paste or rings like eakin rings. I think the chemo-induced diarrhea melted all of those things and they flowed down into my retracted site filling it up so nothing could get out. But my situation was very unusual.

There are so many things that might be going on to cause your leakage problems, and just as many solutions. Your WOCN knows about all of that and can suggest a plan of attack. I must have tried 117 of them, and finally had a 2nd colostomy when the first one closed. No problems since then with leakage!! I never thought I'd be happy to have a 2nd colostomy.

Summer is coming. With the help of your WOCN, you can get this fixed so you feel comfortable going swimming or doing whatever else you love to do in the summer!!

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Leaks can occur the same day I've changed it. I haven't had any luck getting more then 2 (rarely 3) days wear out of the appliance. ...perhaps an appt with ostomy nurse is in order. Initially I was told to experiment with different products and types of appliances, that some may work better then others. .. I did order some barrier rings, again not sure how they work. Just stretch them around stomas, and place pouch on top? Maybe they are much simplier to use then I realize, but I fear if I do it incorrectly the entire pouch may fall off. Thanks very much all of you for your response. Good information from all of you.

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The rings do not fall off. They have adhesive underneath. The one I wear is from Coloplast and it is sized to my stoma. It is not moldable. What pouching system do you use? Convatec, Hollister has moldable technology. Bendable, stretchable alternative to paste that is sting-free and gentle on the skin. The rings can be stretched and molded around your stoma.... I tried Hollister's and for me it did not work. I have yet to try Convatec's only because I do not like the plastic pouch. I tend to perspire too much. So Coloplast works for me. I have heard great things about Convatec's moldable ring. It is suppose to work fantastic. I also use as Sue mentions a convex wafer because my stoma tends to lean towards my left due to my hernia wound. Yes once you get the ring around your stoma then proceed with your pouch.

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Hello SUMMERLOVER : I have had a Ileostomy for 18+ years. I use the Paste both ways. ( NOT AT THE SAME TIME ) When putting it on the wafer you must put it on where it is going to seal around the stoma. When putting it around the stoma make sure that it is touching the stoma. The paste is sealer to help keep the skin from getting irritated & to help fill any voids that one has.
The NUMBER 1 thing that I find when I do a Post-Op visit on leakage. ( 9 out of 10 times ) it is caused by the SOAP that they use to clean around the Stoma. I always tell them that they can use any kind of soap they want on their body. BUT WHEN THEY ARE CLEANING AROUND THE AREA OF THE STOMA, DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF SOAP THAT HAS COLD CREAM, ALVERA, or ANY OF THE SOAP THAT IS MAKEING THE BODY SOFT. You can't soak your finger in OIL and get a Band Aid to stick. I use plain Dial soap WITH NO ADDITIVES.

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I have been using the paste for a few months now as I've found that it works better than the Eakin rings to keep my skin safe and to help prevent leaks. After thoroughly cleaning and drying the area under the wafer, I apply a bead of paste all around my stoma, then dip a finger into water to smooth the paste into the best position. If you try to smooth the paste with a dry finger, it sticks totally to your finger making a big mess and moving it away from where you want it, but a film of water on your finger makes all the difference.

Just this morning I put on one of the Convetec moldable flanges. So far it's working very well.

Hope this helps,


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Dear Summerlover,
Thanks for your post and thanks to the community for sharing your experiences with different solutions. Everyone has their preference and it may take trying various products and consulting a WOCN to get just the right solution for you. Convatec offers a free help line, staffed with great WOCN's at 800.422.8811.

As an active 26 year ostomate (colostomy), I am always open to new solutions to support my active lifestyle. For many years I was happy with Convatec's Natura pouches and Stomahesive wafers using paste around the pre-cut stoma hole. I made a short video of how I apply it.

However, I have recently discovered Convatec's mouldable wafers, which eliminate my need to use paste and provide an even better seal around my stoma. I also use a very sticky skin barrier wipe MS407W from Torbot I now get twice the wear time between wafer changes and I'm even more confident in pursuing the water sports I love including surfing, swimming, and diving. I am also a "summerlover".

Randy Henniger
26 year colon cancer survivor and ostomate
Folsom, CA

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Thank you all for your help. Good information from everyone. Already feeling more hopeful.

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