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I have had a nephrostomy tube procedure. It is a procedure to bypass the obstruction of urine from the kidney.

I am waiting to meet with my Urologist to see what my next step will be.

Does anyone have any experience with what the options are after this procedure? Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Jac,

The nephrostomy tube caught my attention since my husband has had TWO for 3 weeks now. Although his kidneys are fine, just awaiting surgery to clear blockages due to scar tissue within his ileal conduit. I'm not sure why you've had the recent procedure, and if you've had an RC in the past, more info?
He sleeps in a recliner because he can't seem to get comfortable in bed, and also keep the bags draining down. How are you managing with that?

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Hi and thank you for the response. I have had a urostomy for 8yrs.I have a blockage in a Ureter that is why I had a nephrostomy. I have an appointment with my urologist in 2 weeks and will find out what my next step will be at that time. I understand that some patients have had perminent nephrostomys. I also have a colostomy,so I am pretty much the bag man.

I sleep in bed and have not had a problem with that, but I can understand where 2 bags could be a problem.
Thank you again and good luck to your husband.

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8 years? That's great. And this is your first blockage? I read how they can possibly clear it with a scope, but Mark will be having another 6 hr surgery in order to cut out the blockage and re-attach. We are pretty trusting since he is in the care of J Hopkins Urology dept. Hope yours goes smoothly!

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I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in Nov 09. The urologist removed the tumor, but the iodine contrast used in the ct scan did not flush from my kidneys because the ureters were also blocked by the tumor. I had a pair of bags for six months (they have to be changed after 90 days), and I ended up with a mrsa infection after the change. In May of 2010 I had my bladder, prostate and several lymph nodes removed and after it was determined that my kidneys were functioning normally the nephrostomy tubes were removed and I was able to sleep in my own bed with only one bag (urostomy) attached to my body. During the six months with the dual bags I had to sleep on the living room couch, I couldn't get comfortable in the bed. Hopefully your nephrostomy will be removed before it needs to be changed.

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Ive had 4 or 5 Nephrostograms due to kidney blockages AND GOD WILLING I'LL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER1 THE LAST TIME I WASN'T SEDATED ENOUGH AND THEY HIT A MUSCLE OR SOMETHING IN MY BACK AND MY WIFE HEARD ME SCREAM so i now dring even more cranberry juice and stay well hydrated
good luck and feel free to add me IF u want to n keep me posted


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Hi Dale and thank you for the response.It sounds like you had a tough time. I guess I was lucky because the last thing I remember was the nurse telling me she was going to start giving me the medication, it was all over when I woke up.

I saw my local Urologist a few days ago, and he told me that when I was given the Nephrostomy they tried for 30 min to get through the blockage in my Ureter but were not able to do so. My Dr. is sending me to The Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston,to see the surgeon that did the surgery 8 yrs ago, hoping that they may have better luck. I am waiting to hear from them for an appointment.

Just to let you know I also have a colostomy in addition to the urostomy,so I now have 3 bags,so it would be nice to get rid of one.However I feel ok so I have no complaints. I have had 3 major surgery's so I am not looking forward to another one, but we will see.

Thank you again and good luck.

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