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mucus build-up?! help :-/... ileostomy

Hi all! I apologize for the awkwardness of this post- but i
read your posts all the time and you all seem so helpful!
I just had my surgery in June and am still adjusting. After coming home from the hospital I noticed I had pressure in my butt, and it was uncomfortable at times to sit. I called the doctor who said it was normal and was mucus and to go "sit on the pot" and wait for it to come out. Fast foreward a bit I found out I need chemotherapy-so rather than being my sidekick for 3 months, it seems my ileostomy will stick around for about 9 months. Just a few weeks ago I experienced the pressure/pain when sitting certain ways. Called the doc again , was told it's probably just a mucous build up, or related of the month. Now this week, at the beginning of the week my butt was raw, which I attributed to the diarrhea I had.all.weekend from the chemo ( sorry for TMI), but then a few days later came the pressure/discomfort again. I've noticed it starts as a cramp in my stomach, quickly moves to pressure in my butt, and then if I make it to the pot mucous will pass. Is this normal?? And is it something I should still be experiencing almost three months out from surgery?? Thank you!!

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Good morning...

So sorry you are going through this and still having such pain even after your surgery. Yes.. mucous does pass.. varies as to how much and how often. I am 26 years into my ileostomy..and still pass mucous from the tiny section of anul bowel. They left me about 1-2".. just enough so they didn't sew up the rectum. Even that little bit produces mucous.
Does your pain subside after passing the mucous? Not sure how you could be experiencing diarrhea through your colon if you have an ostomy... hummm.. This is new to me.. I have crohn's disease and that is the reason for my surgery. I would imagine the chemo does alter the state of the mucous....
Have you asked if they could take a "peek" inside and see what's happening? Sounds like you need to be seen and not just told to "sit on the pot". Because you have such raw areas now... try sitting in warm water to relieve some of your discomfort.
You are in my prayers..

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yep I have it happen to me and Doctor says it is normal. MFAUSSET, I too am so sorry for all the pain you are going through. I will keep you in my prayers. Please let us know how you are doing.
God bless you

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I pass mucous, also...what is the color that you all pass?

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I too pass the mucus and it is a light yellow brown color. Mfassut there is a cream called butt cream and it kind of works like a diaper rash medicine. Might get something like that to help protect your skin till the rawness heals. I don't have pain with the mucus just pressure on my bottom and then I know I need to poop it out. I dont have to pass the mucus as often as in the beginning. If you are still bothered by pain I would talk to the Dr. again. xox terri

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Yep me too I pass muceous as well. Doctor says it is normal. Unless if it seems overboard. Such as uncontrolable and your changing cothes often and there is blood involved. However I want to tell you to never be sorry about the TMI thing. When it comes to our situation it always seems like a TMI conversation. With us never be sorry. Just glad your being open and asking.

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Thank you all so much, you really are wonderful! Mare- the diarrhea is through my ileostomy, just wasn't sure if my butt was feeling it sort of like that "phantom" bowel passing they say you will feel. The mucus I pass is always a light yellowish color, thankfully (knock on wood) no blood has been involved yet. Right after surgery it was enough that I had to change clothes at times, but after a month or so that passed. Actually my surgeon told me passing mucous is good during the first step, he said no mucous is when we get concerned? Who knows? Now on most days I just pass a little sometimes when I use the bathroom, until I get build ups like this. Wish I knew how to release it, I've even tried walking would "get things moving" haha.Thank you tjane for the buttcream suggestion! Great to know I'm not alone at least.

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Have you tried a glycerin suppository? I understand they work for mucus and glycerin won't hurt you.

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I have always (12 yrs) used a 10" rubber catheter with 100Mls syringe to irrigate my mucus fistla. I come from both ends with clear warm water.

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the lining of the bowel ALWAYS produces mucus...doesn't matter how much bowel you have it will produce it. The amount of mucus produced or how often you have to pass it is different for everyone though chemo will cause loose stools (stoma) and increase mucus amounts. Protect your skin with a thick barrier cream....anyform of zinc, desitin or calmoseptine are really great at protecting and soothing. Prayers your way, hang in there.

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