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Marshmallows and diarrhea

I am new to the group and am eager for anything I can read to help my husband with his stoma and with chemo treatments. He has just had his third treatment and usually on about the 3rd day he starts with the diarrhea--it hasn't been that bad, but he is usually having his "don't feel like doing anything" time also, and is impatient with the BRAT diet. I'm so curious about what I've read about the marshmallows to help stop action long enough for changing the wafer and also as an aid in thickening the stool. So, is there any problem with eating a couple a few times a day to help with getting over diarrhea faster (along with Immodium).

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you know I found marshmallows did help me.. but the nurses and drs told me there is no proof.. it them make him feel better and more confident.. do it..
I also found white bread, banana's and peanut butter helped with diarrhea.
Good Luck

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It's worth a try, I guess. For me, the sugar in marshmallows is apt to start my "dumping syndrome," which is the opposite effect of what you want, but I have short gut syndrome, and am very sensitive to the foods I eat. Any fat or sugar tends to make me dump, which is very uncomfortable with the cramping that accompanies the evacuation of my digestive tract. I never know when it's going to hit, as I have GP, so it takes a while for the food to get to my small intestine. But once there, oh boy, oh boy, do I know it.
Marshmallows sound so good right now, though, after having read about them often in the past few days. Good luck to you. Love and Light, Candace

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Unless there is a sugar (diabetic) issue, try the marshmellows. Have you asked the doctors for prescription Lomotyl. it is a bit stronger them Imodium. Just make sure your husband is drinking so eh does not get dehydrated (weak) from the diahreah. I would suggest Coconut water (try the flavored one,like Manhg0.. it is very high in Potassium and helps prevent dehydration. I also use electro-mix powder ( to mix with water which makes a lemon limey drink also high in electrolytes. But if I were you, give the marshmellows a try. Cheese too if he can tolerate it. Actually a cheeseburger (white bun, protein and the cheese) also is very thickening. Maybe mashed potatoes with it. All thickening and sort of comfort food! Good luck and I hope your husband has good success in getting diahreah in check!

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It has been interesting to hear about different food to eat. I also have dumping syndrome where many food will effect me in different ways. I might find a food that taste good and no side effect for two to seven times I eat this food. Then I will find myself sitting on the throne for a period of time.

I had it figured out pretty good until my heart started acting up. I have now learn to stay away from fats, salt, to name just two that comes to mind. I have learned that they may use salt in raw meat you buy at the meat counter. Salt makes meat look nice and fresh. They may use salt and sugar in can vegetable. One nurse told me that she may had been the caused of relatives death. WHY... She use to bake cakes for relatives wedding. She said there were a lot of salt in the icings. She said she stopped making cake after she became a nurse and learn about the salt in icings A Doctor told me that there is little peanut favorite in peanut butter. The rest is butter... fat... You want to lose weight??? Cut down on salt (chips, nuts and popcorn etc.) because that helps to retain water in the body. Oh yes... it is not easy but you can do it.................

Now that you being careful of what you eat because of an ostomy... take it a step farther... It might or should be easy to start think about the heart. Maybe... it will make it easier later. Maybe... if your health is good it might not be hard to cope with a ostomy. Maybe if you are thinging about ways to have good health and a good heart... it might be easier to accept an ostomy... Annnd maybe... I'm just a dreamer.......................

God Bless...............


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I don't think that Marshmallows CURE diahrrea; they just simply slow the exportation of the stool via the stoma, for whatever reason. I would love for Marshmallows to stop my liquidy stools but that has not been the case. And, I've ate a half bag at a sitting! It does, however, relax the "Mount Vesuvius" reaction you might have with an active stoma.


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I had chemo and radiation at the same before my surgery for my colostomy. Diarrhea was definitely a major problem My oncologist suggested that I take an Immodium one hour before each meal everyday. It worked really well. The diarrhea went away and I actually could eat almost anything.

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after I got Rosebud, I got a watery output almost every time I ate probably for at least 6 months,,,,
I was told to take an imodium before eating ,,,up to 4 a day,,,,i also ate marshmallows,,,it helped a lot,,,

My WOCN's and Drs told me it takes time,,,months ,,,or even over a year for our bodies to learn how to digest food in a new way,,,
They said stay on the Soft diet,,,add one new food at a time to see your reaction to it,,,,I did that,,,2 of my closest friends are RN's,,and they said 1 or 2 bites of a new food with your meal,,,
I stayed away from fried foods,,, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, pickles, raw veggies, raw fruits,,,,and added them one at a time,,,I can eat almost any cooked veggie,,,most raw fruits,,,and most raw veggies now,,,,after 2 1/2 yrs,,,but no potato skins or tomato skins,,,

be aware that soups can give a watery output also,,,so I try to make thickened soups,,,you can thicken with cornstarch or pureed potatoes carrots and beans,,,,or instant potato flakes,,,,

oatmeal with a little brown sugar is also good,,,,you can also blend cooked chicken with veggies for a great soup....mac n cheese,,,tuna a baked fish filet, scrambled eggs with a little cheese,,,,hard cooked eggs,,,whole wheat toast with peanut butter,,,a toasted blueberry or cinnamon raisin, or plain bagel with cream cheese,,,,reg, fat-free, or sugar free puddings, rice pudding,,,and since it is the gelatin in the Marshmallows that halts the output and thickens it temporarily,,,if sugar is an issue, Sugar-free Jello gelatin works fine,,,,we have to make sure we base each meal on a good protein,,,,

I can eat almost anything now except a few foods,,,,,foods that cause the watery output for me are carbonated drinks, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes,,,,I am still adding these a little at a time,,,,they say not to eat nuts, popcorn or skins of any kind,,,for fear of blockages,,,I have been adding just a small amount of these and it has been fine,,,,remember to chew, chew, chew,,,,,drink a little water, and always eat a few bites of the new food with your meal,,,,not alone,,,
I wish you the best and keep us posted on your progress....!!!

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Thanks for all of the wonderful tips so far; hope to continue to get more.

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1junebug - welcome to the group, your husband is fortunate to have a caregiver that wants to be informed. A lot of the information that's been given depends on 1) if you have a colostomy (colon) or ileostomy (small bowel) and 2) the tolerance of each individual. I am like Candace, I have a Short Gut (2.5 ft of small bowel) and an ileostomy. With such a small amount of small bowel, your body digests differently or not at all. I experience the dumping syndrome also when eating sugar/sugar alcohols (usually found in "sugar-free" items like gum or ice cream.) I try to eat a diet high in carbs and protiens and use oils made with sunflower, soybean or safflower. Drinking less while eating helps also, I've been told to drink only 4oz at meal time. I also stay away from soups or broths since they fly right through me. Eggs are good as they are the perfect protein.

If his surgery was recently, the body does need time to heal and settle down from the trauma. Start slowly and add items slowly. I find I can eat most things occasionally (not that I should but a salad tastes wonderful every once in while!) I have had my ilestomy for 3+ years now. Good luck things will settle down and he will enjoy food again - lilpeeps

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You are so welcome junebug,,,time will tell how he reacts to different foods,,,

I agree with lilpeeps on most of this,,,,we are all different,,,and yes as as I said earlier,,,time heals,,,and add one new food at a time,,,,sip a little liquids with a meal,,,I also have an ileostomy,,,2/3 colon removed,,,,,2 1/2 years now,,,3 in September,,,,we have the same thing lilpeeps,,,and....

and as I said watery soups can give a watery output,,,,start slowly,,,thicken if necessary....(I make homemade chicken & noodles and veggie soups and thicken just a bit with a few crackers,,, now,,, as I have adjusted nicely)

as I said base meals on protein,,,chicken, eggs, fish,,,,,add veggies,,,potato, oatmeal, bagels,, whole grain bread and other carbs,,,,etc.....

and yes,,,eggs are a perfect food,,,the most complete Protein,,,as they contain everything to sustain a life,,,!!!

I was told our bodies need time to heal and to learn to digest food in a new way,,,so don't give up on a certain food if you have a bad reaction the first time,,,, try it again at a later date,,,it may be just fine!!!

I wish you the best !!! Keep us posted!!!


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I love reading all of the replies. Makes me feel I'm not alone. I have dumping syndrome and until now, I knew no one that had one of the same problem that I do. I never tried to drink more than two cokes in one day and I never had any trouble. I could never drink one diet coke as dirrhea would start be fore I drank the whole can. Cokes or about any soft drinks will help get rid of gas if one only takes two to five small sips. Never more than the five.

Sometimes I can eat things that give me trouble if I eat small amounts. I hate not eating something I enjoy. If I want something I may go ahead eat it one time then if any is left over I just throw it out. There were some in my family would get mad when I did this. BUT boy did it taste good. AND yes there were a few times I paid for it.

I have a speach problem since birth. There are times I have been unhappy with my problems. I do not know how I started but it seems I just learn to live with the problems. I'm also a big movie fan and I love to read. If I watch a good movie or I find a good book or an author and now poems and I just forget everything else. I started going to the library after the first grade.

God Bless..................


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Greetings once more;

I forgot to mentioned. If Marshmallows sits on the counter they will become stuck together. If kept in refrig they will not stick together. I have been told or read if one is going to bake with Marshmallow place in refrig. over night and they will not be struck together. I use to bake a lot but over night never worked for me...................

God Bless.....................


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Junebug, I havent much to add except my husband did get a small blockage from marshmellows. So let them dissolve completely before swallowing. Prayers from,

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