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ileostomy woes

i have noticed over the past several weeks around my stoma is a what i would call a growth. it is red and when i move my bowels it can sting. I didnt notice it to much till lately. I am going to the dr in november to see what it is. my stoma is an inney so i use a convex drainable bag with a barrier. it looks like skin pushed up somewhat around the stoma. any info?

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Hi Patty...
I can't imagine what the growth could look like... and have it sting when you pass stool. The only thing I have ever had sting is when the skin around the stoma is excoriated by the acid from the output.. then there is major stinging.. I always liken it to having acid put on you skin... burns..stings and itches...

Sorry you have to wait until November before anyone can look at it.. Nobody can see it sooner? That's a fair amount of time to wait and have all that stinging sensation going on multiple times a day..

Good luck!!

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It sounds like a granuloma, that can develope when the bowel drainage gets on the skin. My brother had an "inny" Ileostomy and he developed several of these and they do sting when they come into contact with bowel content. I have 2 of them myself. I will see about getting them removed later on, right now I still get a good seal. My brother told me they can use silver nitrate on them or like his they just cut his off when they did his revision to bring his stoma away from his skin.

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Hi all,
I have been getting "stinging" pain for the last few weeks. I have a hard time thinking that the stool is reacting with the skin. My stoma goes in for some time and then other times it swells to twice its size. Per all help I have sought out I now use ConvaTec 2 piece moldable wafer. I mold the stoma opening so that it is the exact size of the skin opening so that if the stoma is in or out the skin is protected. I also put a ring of paste around the opening. Excluding the times that I have a leakage I still have the pain and the stinging. I have been checking the skin and area every time I change the wafer and I find that no stool is on the skin. I have been having pain related issues in general.
This curse gets worse with time, fix one problem and two more happen. GOSH!!!!!
Isn't there someone or someplace you can go rather than waiting so long to see the doctor?????
Chin up and keep us posted.

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Hi Kristin,

Can ask because I haven't heard of this before but what is a Inny Stoma? I wish I could see what you have going on because I can't picture it very well. Could your Doctor refer you to an Ostomy Nurse so you can see someone sooner? Also did you try using the Powder on the area or a belt?

I have that feeling to that there is stool under the waifer and when I go to change it nothing is there so I chalk it up (for me anyway) anxiety and just try to make it thru minutes at a time to see if it goes away, and a lot of times it does. It is hard though because you just never know, I have times where I don't change it and all along there was stool under there. Can seem like a lose lose situation. But I do know that the more you change and the more it can agravate it.

Hope this helped some what. Some times I feel I am babbeling more then helping.

Keep us updated.


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I agree with the others. Must you wait until next month to get this checked out? That does seem like a long time.
I hope all goes well and it doesn't get any worse.

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Maybe you can see a WOCN now and then your surgeon in November. The nurse can call the Dr. and get you in sooner if it is something they can't deal with. Have you used the stoma powder and done the crusting. Hope you get releief soon.xox terri

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