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I miss Dollyme!

I havn't 'seen' Dolly around and I miss her sweet comments. Has anybody heard from her?

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I know someone (can't remember who) said she was taking a break from the group. I hope she comes back soon.

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That was me, Holly. I emailed her when she wrote she was leaving for awhile. Her account reads "inactive." I, too, hope she will be back soon. I miss her as well.

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Me too!

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Dolly is fine but is dealing with a personal issue that is keeping her from posting right now. I have a hunch and am so hoping that she will be back soon! I do not think she realizes the strength she imparts to this group.

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I wondered where she was. I had not seen anything posted for awhile now. Hope she knows all of us miss her and value her comments. She was pretty up beat which I really liked about her. Hope she is not in too much turmoil or what ever she is going through. I hope the time off lets her work on her poetry and cooking books. If you check in once in awhile just know I miss you Dolly. xox terri

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I miss her too! She's always so encouraging!

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Yes.. Dolly is ok... and hopefully, she will return very soon and give us her beautiful prayers..encouragement and light spirit that we all miss and enjoy!
Last I touched base with her.. I did tell her that people were asking about her and that they missed her!

I was thinking of her tonight... I went to the movies and returned home early evening..and had planned on making homemade Gnocchi for chicken soup tomorrow. Thought of her Italian heritage (and you too Joe!!) and wishing I could pop on and get a pointer of two on how to roll them off the fork!! I think she'd be proud of me tonight.. I made two large cookie sheets full of them!! Enough to put in the soup, as well as freeze some for later!

I wlll give her everyones care and concern next time I touch base with her!

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I miss her too. I had suggested that she start a discussion thread with her wonderful recipes. Hope she comes back soon as well. these "personal issues" things can whup us good sometimes. Prayers are with her.

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I miss you to. but as everyone said she is fine. And I do think she will be back on soon. I told her everyone is asking about her as well.

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