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help with nausea


I had chemotherapy again this week and I am having a difficult time with nausea. I am already taking Zofran and now I started with compazine as well. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can eat/drink to help out with this?

thank you!

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HI Kerri, Is your doctor giving you emend for nausea before your treatment? If not ask them if they can give you it. I had it and it worked great for me. I hope you feel better soon. Hockeymom

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Kerri, I am so very sorry hon that you have nausea, I have no other suggestions for you. I am right now asking God the father in the name of Jesus to take that nausea away. Touch Kerri with your healing power and let the medical team that is taking care of Kerri have the mind of Christ to help her get totally well. Lord Bless Kerri with peace and let her have a beautiful restful sleep tonight.
I will continue to lift you in prayer Kerri
Love and Hugs

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Amen Dolly

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Hi Kerri,

I only rarely suffered that but found dry biscuits (cookies) helped to settle plus drinking green tea with honey. Keep going, it is worth it.

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I fought nausea. Ginger helped me. I found a source for ginger supplements, I also found ginger candies so I could suck on them, and I ate ginger snap cookies (I liked those the best) I never threw up and the ginger seemed to calm down my nauseau.

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Sry you are having this problem Kerri.
IF you live in a progressive state you can use Medicinal Marijuana.
It really helps calm the nausea.

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I too tried those two anti-nauseau with limited to no success. What got me through 13 cycles was binge eating the good weeks and those store brand iced oatmeal cookies and oodles of noodles soup for the not so good weeks. In retrospect I should have been more diligent about my water consumption (nuerapathy) but at the time I couldn't get water in.

Hope you find your thing!!

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I also did some of the things suggested here, but I also used Ensure and Boost food supplements for nutrition. I could not eat anything while I was on Chemo and Radiation. I also found yogurt to be very benificial.
Hope this helps and I Feel For You. Been there, done that..


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Kerri, I just wanted to check in on you and hope you are feeling better. Stay strong and keep your faith.
God bless you

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As hockeymom suggested, I also had IV anti-emetic prior to every chemo session. It was supposed to be effective in my system for up to 72 hrs. And it usually was! For any breakthrough nausea, I was prescribed Zofran, the kind that dissolves under the tongue. This allows for fast and complete absorption. As Idaho said, marijuana is most helpful with both pain and nausea. I live in Kansas and it's not legal here, but doc gave me a derivative of marijuana, that IS legal. It is a controlled substance (like narcotics), a gel-cap called Merinol. Just some suggestions, I am empathizing with you!

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Hi chriswife. Sorry about your nausea, was wondering about diarrhea? Im having chemo, as well, and have awful diarrrhea. My pouch leaked 3 times from high output. Don't know what to do aside from Imodium and bland diet. Have you experienced this? This is only my 2nd treatment

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Arrowroot cookies, Candied ginger, Aloe tea.

Feel better.

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dolly, thank you so much for the prayers, it definitely helps knowing I am receiving prayers!

Thank you everyone or the suggestions. I do not live in a progressive state, so there is no medicinal Wish there was!

When I have chemo every other Monday, there is someting in the IV that is supposed to stop nausea for 3 days. It did not work this time, I was told when I went to have the pump removed that from now on start taking the Zofran the night before I go to bed.

I will definitely try the suggestions, after this go round, I dont want this to happen again!

Didi, I am also on round 2 of Oxiliplatin and FOLFOX6. I did have diarrhea today for a little bit, took two immodium and it has not happened since. Are you taking the immodium right when it happens the first time? I dont really eat alot when I have the pump on (nausea) so I might not have a lot in me, I am not sure......Are you on the same treatment as I am? If you have diarrhea the same time every treatment, when I was going through radiation, I was told that I could take immoduim when I thought diarrhea was going to happen. Good luck!!!! Oh and I also have the lovely acne like rash,...ugh!


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I am agreeing in prayer with you Dolly. Thank you Jesus for relieving Chriswife's nausea.

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