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i had my ileostomy reversed 3 weeks ago and need to travel by car 1600 miles asap. How long until I have a
pattern in regards to bathroom needs? So far it is very erratic and I can't tell the difference between gas and actual movement. Any tips on control would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Gertrudeann,
I want to call you Aunt... lol.. I had an Aunt Gert... not a very common name.. I like it.. and it brings back many memories for me.. Thank you!

Anyway.. Welcome to Inspire!! I can not give you any first hand advice on this.. as my iliostomy is permanent, that I've had for 26 years.. but just wanted to say HI.. and wish you a speedy recovery and pleasant trip.

I'm sure that it won't be long before Marge is here telling you about the depends that she swears by! They are Depends underware that she wears at night in case of a blow out.. I do believe she also wore them on her trip with her husband for his reunion.

Not sure how long it will take for your bowels to set a "pattern"... but it sounds as if you need to take this very long trip.. immediately.. if not sooner. I would go Marge's route and opt for the Depend® Silhouette* Briefs for Women. Why chance it and have a mess to clean up.. make you upset and frustrated... No telling when the erratic movements will change.. and I'm sure it depends on what you eat..and any given day not being the same.

Here is the link for online that you can check out the underware. The silhouettes.. are just like a panty and fit smooth under clothes.

Keeps us posted and let us know how you make out!!! Good Luck Gertrude!! <3

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Hello Gert and Welcome,

I had the take down surgery in 2002 and ended up with a permanent Illeostomy this year and I will be honest with you it took me a some time to discover what worked for me and what didn't and even if I thought I had it down pat my body would suprise me and not want to cooperate. Know that everyone is different though in what works and doesn't work for them. With meds and finding the foods that work well with your bodyis key. Keep a journal may help. Eating more small meals thru out the day can be more helpful as well. Watch out for the foods that have a hard time to digest such as salads, nuts, and raw vegetables. Eat foods that will thicken the stool which I found are the higher carb foods, Rice, pasta etc.... I wish I had better advice for you but everyone is different and you will have to find out what works best for you. I found that the medications that slowed down the digestive system was really key for me. Mare is right in that during this the night time can be tough with accidents so Depends come in really handy.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing or if you have any questions.


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