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Hair Loss after Ostomey Surgery

It has been three months since my surgery and suddenly I have noticed that my hair is falling out. I have done some research on this phenomenem and learned that because my body went through a major shock, it causes the hair to go into a resting period of non-growth and it will take up to four to six months before it starts growing again.

My problem is that I have very fine blond hair and it is very thin to begin with and I will practically be bald if I have to wait six months for it to start growing again! I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem and if you know of any hair products that will help expidite hair growth.

I am literally pulling my hair out over this problem! Thank you for any help and advise that you can give.

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Oh Lord don't pull any more out then you'll have none. But yes my hair has been falling out like crazy. After every shower I have to clean out the drain due to so much hair loss. I'm with you at a loss as to when it stops though. I've had 3 major surgeries since 3/13 so I probably have to wait even longer. LOL Hopefully it'll get better. Good luck Oh my sister went thru the same thing 6 years ago and her hair was falling out also!

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I'm having the same problem and wondered if it was related to my surgery. I've got 2 more to go through. Hope things get better for both of us.

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Mine started falling out by the handfuls 3 mos after my surgery too. It lasted about 3 mos then all of a sudden it stopped. Little fine hairs started growing back in and my beautician trimmed my hair a little shorter than I usually wear it til the new growth caught back up. It quit shedding like in March or April and has already grown back now. My hair does grow fast tho. I too have to have 2 or 3 more surgeries the first of the year and am dreading going thru this again. BUT, I didn't get bald and it DID grow back. It was just messy and worrisome for a while....This too will past.

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I agree with Clinda. The same happened to me. Had major hair loss...but now about 1 year later and it stopped. Don't worry, it will get better!

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Hi Sue

I am so glad to hear I am not the only one going through this! It has been 3 mos since my ileostomy... and still each time I brush my hair the brush is full! My hair is long and I am always finding hairs all over my clothes, the furniture... argh! I do have a lot of new growth as well, but so far it is short. My hair is already quite fine, and my next move is to get it cut a lot shorter (atmy waist now) so will probably cut it at least to my shoulders... :(

I wish I had an answer or something that will help, no one has given me ideas on how to make it regrow fast... docs have said just stay healthy and it will stop sooner or later....

Best Wishes and lots of new hair growth for all who need it ;)


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A lot of my hair fell out, too. I don't know that there is an answer to your question. Mine is now growing back in. I can see new hair growth. And my hair is now wavy for the first time in my life. I love it. It lays in waves all over my head. It's been 18 months since my surgery.

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Yep, that happened. First, make sure you are getting plenty of protein in your diet as that low protein can cause hair loss. Also, the lady who cuts my hair told me a client was advised by her dermatologist to just use a comb, not a hairbrush, as the brush will also tend to pull the hair out. Of course, stress adds to the problem. I also noticed my hair texture changed a few times. My hair came back just fine, so hang in there. And now that it's thick again, I'm back to the brush.

with peace, rayna

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I have the same problem. Wishing you and all other hair losers good luck!
It is just upsetting to see all that hair everywhere. I wear a scarf when cooking I'm so worried to get hair in our meals.

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My husband lost almost all his hair the first round illness and surgeries, we ended up shaving it. It took a while but when it came back in it was much darker, thicker and curlier than before. Now after his final surgery in January, he has been loosing it again, for several months, he has all these little bald spots but I know it will come back, it is just hard on the guy. Oh that darker hair (almost black) is now a nice salt and pepper. Who knows what he will have next...;+)

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My daughter who has been a cosmetologist/hairdresser for twenty years told me to get Biotin supplements, and use Nioxin hair products. They are expensive for shampoo, but well worth the money. You have to buy it at a salon or you may be able to get it at a beauty supply store. I use the Nioxin #1 Shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair. My hair was long, about middle of my back when it started falling out. I started looking like a rat or other small animal in the shower when I washed my hair. And because my hair is gray, you could see my scalp. It was awful. It took about seven months for it to start growing again. I got it all cut off very short and it is now still very short, but it is growing now. I am 15 months post surgery.

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Add me to the list! I have had the same reaction after two surgeries, the ileostomy surgery being the last, two months ago. The hair, nails, and skin are a mess. IT DOES STOP. It last for a few months, and ur good to go. I am actually getting a few well placed extensions to cover up some spots. Creative styling I call it. As long as your getting your nutrients, all you can do is try products, and wait. Hang in there!!


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My hair dresser also gave me the nioxin shampoo, conditioner and leave in scalp treatment. I just read that women should use the 5% rogaine or nioxin as a man for hair loss. I think I will try that if I have to go thru that again. These products definitely sped up the growth process for me. My dr. said get your protein as well.

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I've always had fine hair, and noticed obvious thinning after each operation. I kept coloring my hair until three years ago, and now have noticed a difference. My scalp is healthier and the hair looks great short...No more seeing my scalp through dark bown hair. My hair is now a silver grey and brown mix. I think I'm back to where my hair was before all the oprerations.

So, it does grow back, guys, especially you young ones. Although, you can't go by me...With maturity, some people lose hair naturally...that's me.

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