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Control Top Pantyhose

Try not to smile...

I went to a very fancy wedding shortly after my surgery and took great pains to look my loveliest. From a $200 black dress (evening wedding) to the perfect pair of shoes and yes, control top pantyhose (a must in my previous life).

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was being held at an exclusive country club. We had filet for dinner with those yummy baked potato puffs. As I sat back to enjoying a cup of decaf coffee I got that horrible feeling....bag leak! Run for your lives!

I ran into the restroom with my supply kit to find that the trusty control top pantyhose had just a little too much control. Ugh!

Needless to say, there are foods we should avoid and now pantyhose too.

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Hi Jeannek14,
The experiences we most go through. lol I cannot wear any kind of pantyhose. So i wear thigh highs. There work really well for me. I get mine at victoria's secret.

god bless
take care

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Funny, the little things that you have to learn on your own.

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I wear thigh highs. Or no control top

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Thigh highs. Or sometimes knee highs but I find those often cut off circulation below the knees and also tend to not cover enough leg when wearing a skirt.

I also have a problem with keeping the whole apparatus together anyway. I have worn the belts that hook onto the sides of the pouch ring. Way too many times it has ended up pulling the seal right apart and coming right off the flange!!! That has happened at night too when I turned over in bed and one side of the elastic strap would pull tighter, while the other side would gape and there we go!

In an effort to keep it all secure and from flipping off, I have tried elastic-ey underwear that pull right up over the flange and pouch with a similar elasticity to control-top pantyhose and I think I've experienced exactly what you have described. If there is any output (and there usually is for me after I eat) then it is a total disaster when something is restricting it from coming out and following its normal pathway. So I figured the best way is to position the underwear below the flange. I had to take a few gathering stitches in the top of my underwear to pull the top edge down and keep it below the flange, otherwise it was pushing up from the bottom and causing it to come loose! Then I ended up getting some string bikinis because they ride so low ordinarily.

I can't for the life of me understand those hernia belts that are tight elastic all around the body as well as over the stoma!! Anything that does have a hole for the pouch and flange ends up sliding one way or another and ... same problem!

I have bought nearly every gimmick out there, but maybe haven't yet hit on the right one. I have even tried to invent a few and have a nice little box of prototypes. What an expensive and time-consuming experiment, trying all these methods to accomodate this apparatus!

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I'm ready to cut a large hole in the pantyhose. But, I'm affraid it would sort of defeat the purpose. lol

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Where's your stoma? Mine is below the waist. Control top pantyhose and underwear work fine for me, but if your stoma is bisected by the control undergarments, you might try getting one of those one-piece body shapers and wearing regular hose with it. I have a few from before all the surgery.... and though I'm forty or more pounds lighter, they still hug me tightly (though they're a bit too big in the bra cups...) I try to eat cautiously when I'm out, and I regularly go to bathrooms to check for bag content and empty it... I'm a bit obsessive about it. But I've had blowouts, too. None were attributable to my garments. All had to do with the amount of output being fast and furious... or bathrooms inaccessible for hours...
Developing OCD about bag maintenance works best for me. I might seem insane, but... I'd rather look nuts than smell funny...

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Another question: One piece or two piece bag system? I ALWAYS had leaks with one piece bags. With two-piece systems, I rarely do, except in the case of raging diarrhea... the kind you have when you drink a gallon of GoLytely before a colonoscopy.

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And the only two-piece systems that work for me are the kind with a snap ring or locking ring method for attaching. The adhesive, smooth kind do not work. The reason is... with my tight clothes, I do experience that "pancaking" everyone dreads, but with the compulsive bag cleaning, scooping out poop whenever there's a tiny bit within the circle, I avoid problems. And if the output is too aggressive, the underwear doesn't prevent the whole bag from filling normally, anyway. That poop just has to go somewhere, and with good adhesive around the stoma, it's going to push the bag out and fill it, rather than sneak behind the adhesive and leak out. Some great systems I've used are Convatec's moldable adhesive wafers, Hollister's "floating flange" wafers, and today, I'm enjoying the second full day of wear from Coloplast's Sensura locking ring wafer and bag. I had a sample in my drawer and decided to put it on yesterday, and right after I did so, the mail arrived with a sample of Coloplast's new Brava barrier strips. They are amazing and really are increasing the wear time for me. It's very unusual for me to get more than one full day of wear from a wafer unless I am almost constipated and have very little or very dry output. That rarely happens. I live life in the fast lane... high fiber, high water-content fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and sprouted whole grains comprise my diet. I'm determined to ward off any future cancer, and that's the reason I avoid meat, dairy, white flour, sugar, white rice... and all those other low fiber foods that are associated with higher incidences of cancers. I LOVE to eat pomegranates. But oy, the seeds! Sometimes I juice them, instead. Remember George Bush's "thousand points of light" quote? I know, we want to forget. But I thought of it when I looked in the mirror at my seed-filled ostomy bag and thought to myself, my panties are punctuated by a thousand points of poop.

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I wear the Hollister two piece system. I rarely have had an issue except this one time with the control top pantyhose. My stoma is just below my waistline. Since my surgery I have put on 60 pounds! Not a good thing but I guess since I'm healthy and alive, who's to complain.

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I agree that the one piece systems are more prone to leakage. But, They are flatter and easier to wear under clothing. I wear the two piece Coloplast Sensura when I am traveling (which is most of the time). When I am home, I can enjoy the one piece, and not worry too much about it. I also eat anything. I love nuts and fruits. I eat corn when it is fresh. So what if my output is colorful! I really don't mind seeing what I ate. I actually think that it is interesting! Maybe I am nuts! I swim with a tiny one piece Coloplast Sensura. I am careful to eat little when I do that. You learn what needs to be done, and life goes on at a fast pace just the same. Most days I actually forget that I have a colostomy! Happy New Year to all!

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Since my surgery I gained 25 pounds. I wear the two piece system. I rarely have a problem with leaks. Like Marjorie-Ann I starting to forget "ms dee" (name of my stoma) is there. I wish they had stockings like the underwear with a place for the stoma.

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I too wear the Hollister 2 piece and it works really well. I do find it frustrating that you are told you can wear anything, but in actual fact I have not found this to be true. Anything that is too tight in any way across the bag does cause terrible pancaking and it doesn't matter what lubricant you use the 'gold' as my husband calls it lol, will not be able to move down the pouch. I had not thought of cutting a hole in the panty hose just around the flange and bag but keeping the waist bit in tact. I will try that:)

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I find that even when I am wearing my nighty, I have pancaking. It seems to be the glueyness of the feces which for me is the problem. So I wear my slightly elastic panty, and am happy because it holds me in a bit. Of course you do gain after the operation. I was looking pretty gaunt after my ovarian cancer debulking. Those 25 pounds do make a difference in the stoma, and you have to adjust for that in its size. The new skin barriers seem to be very good for the area around the flange if you are wearing the one piece. I like changing the type of pouches that I wear depending on what I am doing. Do any of you do that? Happy New Year once again.

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Good Morning Jeanne - I guess you have a colostomy - I have an ileostomy which sits about 2 inches below my waist, and a large abdominal bulge where they had to sever all my muscles to clean out 5 liters of fecal matter when my colon perforated - just a year ago on the 22nd of this month. I look like I am about 8 months pregnant - at age 80! - and even had to buy my long pants from a maternity store called Motherhood - the very wide stretchy part fits over everything. In addition to that, I wear a 9" wide surgical wrap for support to my back and front. This does not interfere with the output from my ileostomy, in fact I came very near to having an accident on the golf course yesterday, but fortunately got home just in time to shower and change. I foolishly pushed "Buddy's" limit by trying to stretch change time from my usual 3 days to 4 days. Won't try that again. I use the Convatec convex Natura two-piece with skin prep wipe and an Eakin ring. And, as others have heard me say many times, I sleep every night with a Silhouette Depends for Women pull-up panty every night. I have had a few blowouts at night, but the Depends, and the old underpants I wear underneath it, have completely contained all the mess. I have never had to change any bed linen - or had my husband wake up lying in a smelly mess! I just get up, throw out the messy garments, shower, change and go back to sleep - with a fresh Depends on!

I understand that things are very different between colostomies and ileostomies, and the position of each determines what kind of clothing fits the situation best.

A very HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEARS - and love and hugs from Marge.

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I find that control tops are too constricting also ( more spanx for me!!) and wear thigh highs. Last month before a wedding I tried to find a good pair of pantyhose without control tops and couldn't. with thight have to watch your dress length. I wear a Hollister 2 piece with the floating flange also. My ileostomy is on my lower right side between belly button and hip bone, can't roll the hose down or they wouldn't fit correctly.

The other problem I find with dressing up is the material of the dress. I have several dresses that I would love to wear but they are that clingy shiffon material with a lining and totally show the outline of the pouch. I now look for stiffer style dresses that are more fitted up top and then flair at the will be 3 years next month that I've had an ileostomy and I feel that I am still figuring out what looks best on me!

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I just can't wear the control tops. Even though they accentuate my curves and all, they just seem wierd and itchy. I find that a good ol pair of farmer john overalls from a second hand clothing store and some nice suspenders (optional) seem to work good for me and I can wear them to just about any occasion. The black ones are my favorites though because they don't make my butt look so big.

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From now on you shall be known as Big Smartass Daddy! LOL

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Hi All,
I wear control top tights every day. I only have a problem if I don't pay attention to "Helen".(my stoma). If I keep up on what's happening I don't have a problem, and the control top keeps everything in place. I've had my colostomy since 8/2009. I'm still learning what works best.
I use the 2 piece convatec system.

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