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colonoscopy Friday

Hi everyone haven't been on much haven't felt good. I'm getting a little nervous about the colonoscopy Friday (well very scared actually) I'm having night mares that the doctor is going to damage the stoma. I know stupid but it's freaking me out so much thinking about canceling it. If I wasn't just three months out from the colostomy I probably wouldn't be so scared. I did get a sleeve so the prep won't be so bad with that and doing the miralax prep which is much better than the other nasty stuff lol. Any suggestions or experience of a colonoscopy after ostomy surgery would be great .good or bad experience at this point would be helpful. thank you Hockeymom

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Yes it does seem scary. Personally I have not done it , but I hear that it is not bad at all. The stoma is quite flexible. They remove the bag (you keep on the flange (wafer). When done they will give you a large towel and you go the rest room and snap on a new bag. (or they do it) Are you going to be put out for the procedure? You may be a bit dehydrated after. Bring a bottle of gatorade with you for after. Good luck, but I think that compared to a full colonoscopy through the rectum, this will be a breeze. No pain since it is the rectal muscles that cause all of the pain.

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i just had one recently and it was a breeze. the prep was the yuck part... drinking the Nulitely volumes of liquid... which you are not doing so hurray for that! as you know, the procedure is like a nice nap (you are being "put under", right?). i even had an extra procedure done while i was out - they gave me a (barium? some kind of white liquid...) colonic to do a full scan because it was my 5 year check and they wanted to be double sure all was good and polyp free. took a few days for all the white paste-like liquid to vacate but no pain whatsoever.

but it's no surprise you are anxious to be having any procedure so soon after your colostomy. have you asked if you can wait until you are feeling less fragile? if you agree with your docs that you have to do it now i encourage you to make a list or meditate or pray or do whatever is "you" to verbalize/visualize all the good reasons for doing this now, to picture a clean and healthy colon and intestinal tract. and to know we are all here pulling for you, doing what we all do to send you healing thoughts and prayers for an easy and perfect procedure!

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Yes i am being put to sleep. That's good to hear the stoma is flexible that's helps. That was what was scaring me the most getting damage to the stoma. and gr8fulgirl Im actually having two procedures done too after the colonoscopy about an hour later having a CT. Enterogram done not sure what the difference is between that and a regular CT scan but I have to drink stuff so that will help for the dehydrate me. thanks hockeymom

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good luck Hockeymom, I had no trouble when I had mine done a few months ago. You will do great you have your ostomy cheerleaders here waiting for the results of your test.
Hug and prayers for you

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Good luck!! You will wake up and ask when they are going to do it.. and it will be behind you!! Rembember deep belly breaths and not just in the chest.. it will help keep you calm. I've had many scopes and all went well.
Know you are surrounded by many people here in prayers.

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Good luck, Mare is right (as is everyone else) that you will be fine and pleased when it's done. When I have my six monthly CT scan I have to drink 6 cups of water and then they inject some kind of dye whilst I go through the scan. For a few seconds one feels hot and there is a slight metallic taste then it's gone don't know but that may be what you will have- great part is having a cup of coffee and a cake afterwards - like Christmas for a child!

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lol... HappyS.. Isn't it funny, how the simplist things can be so rewarding and comforting as that warm cup of coffee or tea and a sweet desert!
That's the positive attitude we all need.. to find the simple pleasures in life that bring us joy. It's so important when some of our other days are filled with stressors.

It can be Christmas everyday if we take the time to see it and appreciate it!!


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There's nothing I can add here, hockeymom. It's all been written already. But I wanted to chime in and let you know I'll be praying for you. I hope all goes well.

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I have had three of the procedures since my iliostomy, Everything went fine each time. Be good to you! One of my docs used to call the sedative a martini and six pack to go. He was to funny and had a great since of humor. Do not worry about the scope, it is probably one of the easier procedures to have to endure ( and you will be sedated and wont remember most of it )

Prayers for you.

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