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Bleeding around the stoma area

Over the years, I have had some bleeding around the stoma. It was not until two years ago the person working in an ostomy store told me what I might have been doing wrong. I use the precut wafers and sometimes the wafer will be too close to the stoma causing it to "sever" ever-so-slightly; but because there is irritation, the stoma may bleed. Centering the wafer is very important so that the stoma is not affected. A damp cloth will stop the bleeding and better yet, ordinary ice will work; but this could cause frostbite to the area! I use a damp cloth and it seems to work. Also, changing the wafer every 6 days works for me.

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I find I have similar problems at times. I use the cut-to-fit wafers because my little friend doesn't like for the wafer or even seals to be close up against him. I find that it gives me cramps, plus seems to push the stoma to continue discharging off and on all day, more than twice the normal. I use the measurement guides that come with the wafers and measure liberally, then try to fill in with paste. I also on occassion use the Convatec skin protective sheets.

One dilemma I have is that both the Skin Tac pads and Eakin seals and other similar products irritate my skin and leave a red ring on my skin. On the other had, the prep powder and related wipes tend to minimize the wear time. I tried showering without a bag and guess the stoma enjoyed the warm water too much as he kicked into action within minutes. Guess I have to find some other creative ways for open air time.

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I have the same problem with bleeding, except it is worse because I'm on blood thinners. I use the precut wafer and try to center it. I then use stoma paste, going three time around to make about a one inch layer. This seems to help and I can wear the same appliance for 4 to 6 days. I have two divits (I guess that's what you would call them) fairly close to my stoma. After my proctocolorectomy, my 12 inch long incision broke open and I had a lot of problems healing. My tissue doesn't heal well and it took 13 months to fully recover from surgery. Because of all of this, it took awhile to learn how to apply the paste, etc. so I wan't changing my bag every other day. It's been 13 years since all of that happened. I still have occasional problem with tissue breakdown, bleeding, etc. but it's a lot better than it used to be!

I have a question for whoever. I have a terrible time with my belt. it either cuts into me, or doesn't offer any support. Anyone out there have a belt they love?? I use Convatec products.

Thanks for listening and for any help I get.

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I use a belt from Hollister along with a 2 piece wafer # 18182 that works well for me. This was after a very good ostomy nurse
helped to heal my torn skin. My wife and I had a very hard time for a while until Jean (the nurse) got involved. Hope you can find something or someone that works for you.

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I have no problems with the ConvaTech belts. I use wafers that are one and sometimes i and 1/8 inches. The belt number is1755-07 which has a tab that hooks onto the wafer. However this plastic tab can be irritating on the body when it is "shortened" to become tighter around the waist. Simply make the belt larger with adjusting the length which is very easy. Also, the belt will not stay in perfect condition like you received it. I do not worry about this minor problem. After washing it, the belt will become difficult to get like it was new. But these certainly have workrd for me- and yes for almost 30 years.

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thanks for all the suggestions, I really appreciated them.

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