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Anyone tried Duoderm to heal burned skin?

I don't mean to have a bad attitude, but I'm INSANELY frustrated with my ileostomy stoma! I entered Burned Skin Circle MONTHS ago and can't find the exit ramp!

I've tried:

crusting--1 layer and two layers
slightly smaller flange opening
slightly larger flange opening
with and without Eakin
with and without paste
less powder
more powder
something called Hydrofera Blue against the skin
second skin
AllKare prep wipes
Skin Tac prep wipes
Turbot Skin Bond cement

You get the idea. I've done everything short of spackling the [expletive deleted] wafer on there and I get leak after leak after leak. The most I can get is two days and by the time I realize I have a leak, the skin is red and angry. It's only a ring about 1/8" around the edge of the stoma--which, btw, is flat as a fritter and barely distinguishable from the rest of the skin unless I press down--but that slick, weepy, burned ring is playing you-know-what with my ability to GET THE APPLIANCE TO STAY STUCK!!!

I asked a nurse friend of mine about how to get that frustrating ring of skin to heal and she suggested Duoderm--a product usually for wound care. Has anyone tried this? If so, was it successful?

PLEASE HELP. I'm going NUTS with this thing!

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions,
Janet in TX

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When my skin gets that way, and it hasn't gotten as bad for so long as yours, I do the following:
I remove the leaky appliance.
Take a shower and wash the stoma and area with a non-lotion soap--baby soap in my case.
Dry thoroughly.
Mop the area with Betadine.
While still moist, dust on Nystatin powder (prescription yeast medicine).
Dry with hair dryer on low heat.
Spray with tincture of benzoin (this stings a little, but not for long; disinfects and leaves a film on the skin).
Dry to tacky.
Warm the wafer with hair dryer and apply it to the skin and apply pressure for a minute or so.
If using an Eakin ring or similar, warm with hair dryer also and pinch out to a thin profile--less is better in all things when it comes to adhesion.
I use a very thin layer of paste around the stoma these days and a little extra in a belly crease on one side, it seems to help fill the gap that will form between the wafer hole and the stoma when the stoma is flat or recessed.
Keep every thing dry during the process; if the stoma weeps moisture keep dabbing it dry and don't let the skin get damp.
Check the application after an hour or less and pack any squeeze out into gaps or remove excess.

Stoma powder applied to sore areas and covered with protectant spray may be necessary. I use the tincture of benzion as a skin protectant interchangeably with Cavilon spray.

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I've used DuoDerm pretty successfully for wounds under the stoma. Use skin prep under and over it, and keep the area covered by DuoDerm as small as possible. You should be okay for leakages. Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be. Have you seen a wound and ostomy care nurse? She might be able to show you a trick or two that you haven't tried. I know my WOCN is terrific, and always comes up with a fix.
Love and Light, Candace

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I wonder if you are using too many products. I had really angry skin and in march was given a different kind of wafer as I was allergic to all the adhesives in other wafers. I wear convetec cut to fit hydrocolloid wafer. My skin is much better. I was told to not use any products and I now don't. Hope you get relief soon. It is maddening. S

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Duoderm worked for a while for me. I had to change companies because I was allergic to Hollister. I'm now using Convetec hydrocolloid, and I am having no issues. It was an almost immediate solution. I went from angry, weeping, painful/itchy skin to one tiny area or pink skin in just one bag change. It was remarkable. Having a flush stoma is a challenge all in itself.

Have you called Convatec? They have ostomy nurses to help walk you through the process of choosing a new appliance/healing the area and they take into account your individual challenges (as in your flush stoma). It's worth a try. Good luck!

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That's the frustrating thing, Sarah. I've used next to nothing, a moderate amount and a lot all to no avail. If I don't use paste, the Eakin won't stick at all even with crusting. If I don't use Eakin, the water won't stay on at all. :(

I was using minimal product and getting a week out of an appliance. Seriously--a full week. Then somehow I missed my cue and got burned and I can't get it to heal. Btw, I forgot to mention using Desenex powder as well because yeast tends to be a problem for me. Does that stuff have oil in it that unaware of? Should I get an Rx for Nystop powder instead? I used that before with zero problems.

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You don't say if you are using a convex wafer or not. It sounds like you need one. Marlen makes several convex wafers. I am using a shallow one at the moment but they do have deep ones.
You need to see a WOCN to get the proper fit.
I hope you are able to find a solution to this by tomorrow! You certainly seem to have tried everything under the sun.

When I worked in the NICU we sometimes used egg whites on the little bottoms that got diaper rash. We would paint egg white on them and then leave them exposed to air. Of course this is easy when your patient only weighs 2 pounds and doesn't have much output. We stopped using the whites after we discovered that it predisposed the babies to egg allergies and that they were absorbing way too much protein from the egg through their fragile skin.

Just a thought. I have absolutely no idea if it is even worth a try. I think you really need good advice from a WOCN and not an old pediatric nurse!

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You said you get 2 days, i would get lucky to get 1 day from Hollister or Convatec pouches. Now i use a pouch from Salt and a stoma collar by Dermacol and get 2 days. I dont use any skin prep or paste. Just wash skin with soap (Dove) and water and put stoma collar on pouch, then apply to skin. When my skin is really irritated i use Tincture of Benzoin swabs.

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Hello Tex, So sorry you are having all these problems with leaks. I know how frustrating and bewildering it is. I have used Duoderm under my husbands catheter Tegaderm dressing for skin breaks and such with good results. I havent had to use it under his ostomy appliance so I cant say how it would effect adhesion. I guess the only way to find out is to try it since you have tried all those other products. Im sure you will find something that works for you. Hang in there. Prayers from,

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Thanks, all. I do, in fact, use a convex wafer as well from Hollister or Convatec. I've never heard of Salt brand and only just heard of Marlen products. I'll check into them. I've spent so much money trying to get something to fit and I'm going broke. :(

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