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Hi everyone-just found this place tonite.I have a 28 yr old son who has been tube fed all his life.He had encephalitis at 3 weeks that left him unable to do anything.He is allergic to the iodine in the tube feeding formulas so I blend regular food for him.I try to keep it bland-3 meals a day and fluid at nite.It's tricky because he tends to aspirate so I try to be very careful.Plus his bowls are just terrible-has to be rectally stimulated /get the bm out myself-his bms are a nightmare.Can anyone give me some ideas on the types of meals /fluids -schedule you're doing and being successful?Thanks-

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Hi. You must be some kind of angel! I am almost 62 and have been unable to swallow since surgery on Dec 12, 09. I was unable to tolerate the formulas and switched to real food a year ago. I won't ever go back! I just switched to the same diet that everyone else in the household eats.
This morning I had cooked oatmeal and a raw apple and raw nectarine blended with cup of milk and a spoonful of sugar. Then I add water to make 32 oz. I blend (Blendtec EZ Blender) on setting 5 twice. Pour through strainer and then down the tube.
Last night I had 3 soft tacos with lettuce, cheese, ground beef, sour cream, 1/2 a baked potato and water to make 32 oz. Blend, strain and down the tube.
As you can see there is no special diet and I am maintaining 190 pounds. I am sure your son's gut is used to his diet and I am in no way qualified to recommend a diet change but my 'diet' works for me. I have zero issues constitution wise. And I have pretty good energy. I eat in restaurants, have people over for dinner, and go over to other peoples houses for dinners and get togethers. Nothing has changed except that I have to blend my meals and stuff them down my PEG button.
Oh I almost forgot coffee stimulates my bowels and wakes me up in the morning!
Good luck Angel,

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Welcome to the Oley site.

You will learn allot about many topic's here.

I'm Lesley and my daughter is Nina Marie hence my log-on name NinaBean. Nina has had her G-tube since she was 4 day's young and she's now 10 year's young. We have been doing Blenderized Diet with Nina since she was 15 month's young. We use only raw fruits and vegetables in her G-tube feds. Nina does eat orally about 50% of the time.

Along with a wonderful lady name Beverly, I co-monitor a Yahoo Group for families and professionals who want to learn more about Blenderized Diet if you go to you will learn allot and will be able to sign up for the Yahoo Group if you choose to.

You can always E-mail me privately and we could share idea's. My E-mail address is:

I don't know where you live if your able I would HIGHLY encourage you to try to attend the Oley Conference at the end of this month. I know its short notice but it would be wonderful if you could attend. The conference happens every year so if you can't make it this year next year will be here fast. Go to to learn more about the conference.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

Warmest regards,

Lesley a/k/a NinaBean

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Hi Steve-wow-32 ounces-that really is very good.that's a larger volume than expected.That's very good.You know-I had forgotten that I use to give him coffee-so with a prompt from you-I gave him two cups this morning.And what I did differently was fix -put it in the freezer to cool instead of dousing it with ice and watering it down-no wonder he didn't tolerate it well before-watered down coffee-(I sometimes think I leave my brain on my pillow in the mornings)Anyway -just added a little milk and sweet and low-not even sugar-and he loved it-did perfect.I also cooked a batch of fresh apples.I also decided to lay off the heavy beef for a while and just do chicken and turkey..I give him an ice cream shake every nite-milk, icecream-but I can add a grilled cheese to that and that should be enough protein to carry him thru til the next day and still be lite enough not to cause problems.I know cheese /milk is constipating but I'm hoping with coffee now added in-+ the fluids he's already getting he should do ok.When I joined this group I'm just at a point of completely revising his diet.He was hospitalized 2 weeks ago from a vomiting virus-he threw up in his right lung which collasped here at home -it was very bad-but the end result was -diet wise-he'd lost 13 pounds.And I want to get him on a lighter diet that at the same time is packed full of protein,carbs and fat.I bake fresh apple and peach pies every week-I keep fresh vanilla/banana pudding in the fridge,he gets lots of icecream shakes-I really have him on a good diet-I just wanted to hear some other ideas.For us -it's the aspirating we have to avoid-and we do pretty good.But the coffe idea is excellent-He loved it this morning-you can't see me but I am sitting here laughing!I love it when things work out!Thanks Steve,Terry(ps-username bonut-Bo is my right hand -he's my american bulldog/sharpei mix boy-he's a giant dog with a little wrinkly head!I sometimes call him bonut because he's addicted to donuts!hence-my screen name)

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Lesley,Nice to meet you and Steve-and others.I haven't been a member of a tubefeeding group in years and I'd forgotten how nice it is to talk with others doing the same.I appreciate all the info and will join your yahoo group too.We could not attend the upcoming oley conference-wish I could-but Bubba is too medically involved to take him or leave him.He has to be ambulance transported to all Dr visits as it is-our room is like a mini ICU-as I'm certain are many others on here.But soooo happy to be here and be apart of this..Can I ask you-if Nina gets raw fruits and veg. only by feeding tube-then she takes proteins by mouth?I once knew a retired nurse who kept two girls as foster children and she too gave only raw fruits and raw veg. by tube.Nothing cooked.But also gave huge volumes of water every morning.Is the point of raw fruits and vegs. to stimulate bowel movements?So I take it that's working?Can I ask what you give her in that mix?Thanks,Terry

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Hello Terry,

Nina receives proteins thru her G-tube as well. I choose to use powder proteins. I'm currently using a powder protein that has brown rice, pea, hemp, and chia protein mixed together. I've been know use all of them except chia by themselves but I just found a company that mixes them today.

Because we live in Florida Nina does get extra fluids at night while receiving her feeds.

I do my best to switch around with what I put into Nina's feeds. I go to the supermarket, produce stand, or health food store and see what looks good. When I make Nina fruit mixture I almost always put Pineapple, and Papaya because both help with digestion.

No, I don't use the raw fruits & vegetable for stimulation the bowels. I use them for GREAT health.

I think I've answered your question's. If I didn't please ask them again. You can reach me privately via E-mail at:

Warmest regards,

Lesley a/k/a NinaBean

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