thick black bloody bile looking stuff coming out of g-tube

Hi, I just randomly got really nauseated and my stomach started to get bloated so I immediatly went to the bathroom to vent it and first brown bile came out then thick black blood looking stuff came out, a prettt good amount. Sorry for the gorry details, I'm just worried about it. I am on TPN and do not eat solid foods, or anything that would be thick and black, so if anyone has any ideas on what this could be I'd be very greatful for a responce. Just after I vented my tube my nausea and bloated subsided, so that's a good think. Thanks.

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You should really contact your physician and get seen as soon as possible. The colour and consistency of the matter coming out of your tube could be blood. After it has been in the GI system it turns blackish,and can also be somewhat granular...often descibed as looking like coffee grounds. If it is blood, it would indicate you have some bleeding inside your gut somewhere, and it needs to be monitored at the least. If it is not blood, it could also be stool, even though it is blackish. If so, and it is coming out your tube, you could have a bowel blockage, and this can also be quite serious. So get it checked out, and hopefully the doctors will be able to determine what is going on, and what to do regarding treatment. Best of luck, LindaRose

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when my husbands ballon burst his stomach hurt real bad than real gooey black stuff came out of insertion site. Go back to whomever put your g tube in it sounds like it you need a replacement . will pray for you

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