Need help with g-tube draining bag and connectors


My daughter got a G tube last Friday and we are having a heck of a tme finding a bag to use for her to drain in during the night so we don't have to wake up and drain her with a syringe. She has a 20 gague french tube. The hospital sent us home with a cather bag and said 'it should fit'. Well guess what, it didn't. The end of the tube is to big to fit in tube of the g-tube and its not big enough to fit over the end of the gtube and stay on. a LOPEZ valve fits the end of both of thesed tubes BUT THE opening of the Lopez valvue is way to small for anything but straight THIN liquid to get through, and some of the 'stuff' that comes out of her stomach is thick yellow/green bile and won't fit through the small end of the Lopez valve.

So ANY help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. The GI docotrs office is not help, our home health agency can't find anything that will work either. SO I am turning to you all for help. Pictures of the connector you have connected to the bag from the g-tube would be great!

Thanks so much

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We use a Farrell Bag to vent air and let stomach drain. She has a mickey button and the tubing that comes attached to the farrell bag fits into the extension t the button.

This is a link that has a picture to it.
Hope this helps

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This link opened early, but now that I have posted it want open. You can type in Viasys healthcare Farrell Valve and super Farrell Valve Enteral Gastric Pressure Relief systems. If you can't find it let me know.
Thanks Karen

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How do you actually connect this ferrall bag to the g-tube? I am looking around... do you have to hang it up, or how do you get it to drain and vent the stomach?

Is there some way you attach it or hold it; as to prevent having to carry it around in your hand??


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