Menstruation cycle

A questions on behalf of my wife

can TPN alter your menstruation cycle..Ie make you you more irregular..

My wife is 5 months post op (following anastamosis of duodenum to colon), had a set back of suspected pancreatitis 3 months ago but other than that is going very well and getting stronger by the day

I know she is worried about this and her chances of her conceiving again so just looking for some reassurance as I know there have been plenty of people who have got pregnant and had a full term healthy baby whilst on tpn.

Blood wise...Her liver numbers were slightly elevated but have been coming down over the last few months...She has however lost 1.5 Kg in the last year but hopefully that figure is negligable

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I would put a call in to the doctor and ask. My cycles pop up when ever they want (which always seems to be the worst time for me), but the exasperbate (make worse) my pain and nbausea and ususally give me a heaadache to boot.
Call the doctor.

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I was overjoyed when my menstrual cycles returned to a somewhat regular cycle but have found that since starting TPN 4 months ago, they have slowly stopped again. I am not sure the reasoning behind this but do have a GYN appointment on the 5 and would be willing to offer up any answers she can give me.

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See this article. TPN lipids are soy based and too much soy can lengthen or stop cycles.
I guess reducing the lipids in TPN or taking TPN without lipids might help. Of course doctors wont agree but this is what I feel.
My sister is on TPN and she has had regular menstrual cycle all her life. But now after 6 months on TPN, this is the first time, her cycle has exceeded 45 days and still waiting.

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After my surgery my body started to get back to 'normal'. I'm still having mine (I'm 35 now)...even after/during chemo was still having them (at 30,33 & 34). Usually after surgeries it's a bit messed up cause i think your body is in shock but then it sort of works itself out again. At least that's what I've found. Sometimes it takes awhile to get back to it's normal cycles. I'm 6 months post op and in the last month or two has started to get more normal.

Best of luck!!!

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I'm not sure it's the TPN or just the stress of all she has been through. Certainly, stress can make you not have a period or can change your cycle schedule. I'm on TPN but I recently had a hysterectomy. Prior to the hysterectomy, I don't recall any changes in my cycle due to the TPN.


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