Infections around j tube and peg tube site

Ok, so I have another question...I've had my j tube for about a year and my peg tube for about 9 months. My j tube has been replaced 3 times the peg tube is the original. I currently have an infection around both sites and have had probably 5 or 6 infections a couple that were internal but the majority just around my site. I'm so sick of taking antibiotics...they are hard on my system, they don't seem to work, and they always give me a yeast infection. I clean the sites several times a day, I've used everything from peroxide to some other kind of cleanse from Norco (med supply store) and I've also used alcohol wipes, neosporin and a nystatin...I try to leave it open, but when it drains I have to cover it. I don't know what to do anymore? Any suggestions? Please!

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Is your nystatin powder or cream. For me the powder works better than anything else. Best wishes getting it cleared up. And do you take a probiotic while on antibiotics to help ward away yeast infections? Blessings, Marie

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We use s small piece of mepilex lite around my son's j-tube and g-tube (he has AMT Mini one buttons- separate). And under the mepilex we use calmoseptine ointment. This combination seems to keep it nice and dry, even when he leaks more than usual. Both the mepilex and the ointment whisk away moisture, which seems to be the key. And if he does get a fungal infection (really red around either of the sites), we use the nystatin powder or cream. Works great!

Hope this helps!

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i've had my tube for over four years now and have had problems at various times with red, irritated, even bleeding of the skin around the site. i have tried many, many things over the years but there were many times i couldn't bear to even touch the skin to try to clean it or apply creams, etc. i think i have finally found a solution and it may work for you too. I use Cavilon no sting barrier film.. you just spray it under and around the tube.. let it dry which takes less than minute or so...then apply a Medline Non-Adhesive Foam Dressing, MSC1244. i was in the hospital recently for one month and the site got ulcerated. the skin is looking better now than it ever has... it is almost 90% clear and healthy looking. normally you only have to do this once a day but if your site is really bad, i would do it twice a day. hope this helps you.

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I used the nystatin cream, but it did not work...nothing really has. Some of the other creams and stuff I have never heard of. Is it a prescription or over the counter? I am willing to try anything, but I'm at a lost.......I've done everything I can think of and some things that the nurses have recommended to no avail. Thank you!

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The Cavilon no sting barrier film does not need a prescription. you can get it online from lots of different sources... use google and type in Carilon skin barrier spray and it will give you several places you can order it from. it's expensive but you only use a little bit each time so it lasts a long time. the pads can also be purchased on line without a prescription.
hope this helps.

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