hickman catheter removal

i have had a hickman catheter in for about 4 months and i will be getting it removed soon. my doctors office schedualed the apointment with the surgen to remove it so i didn't get a chance to ask how it will be removed. i do plan on calling them to ask but they are closed right now. so any of you who have had a hickman catheter in how was it removed? were you put to sleep? were you awake? were there stitches after it was removed? any help would be very much appreciated. thanks.

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i just had a change in may... i was nervous and asked for some valium before hand.. i had a bad blood infection after having it replaced under local and some versed about a week earlier.. plus my neck had a clot and had phlebitis real bad.. the drs just came in my room and pulled it out. no pain, no muss no fuss. i was extremely nervous before hand, but would not hesitate again. it was very simple. BTW my hickman had been in over 6 years. then it broke and had to have it changed out over a wire. that was the start of this whole mess. bad changeout.

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thanks. i haven't had any problems with it other than being allergic to the dressing. i just don't need it anymore so its coming out next week.

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