Good liquid multivitamin?

Just wondering what are some good brands of liquid multivitamins/minerals that I can put in my blenderized feeds.

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your pharmacy company will know -- and if the dietician assigned to you doesn't know, ask for another dietician -- you can do it diplomatically.


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Floradix liquid extract formula~I like the iron and herbs I see on the bottle~pricey in the US~

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From a pharmaceutical perspective, we do not consider one better than another. As long as it has the required vitamins you need, go with whatever is cheapest. Most vitamins get excreted in the urine anyway so whatever you don't use goes away. That having been said, if a vitamin is extremely high in fat soluable vitamins (A, E, K) be careful. You can become toxic. I personally don't believe in "super" or "mega" vitamins. A simple multivit with or without iron (depending on if you need the iron) is just fine. I would have the doctor run some vitamin levels to see if you are deficient and maybe supplement just those but stick with the simple MVI.

Just my opinion


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we use cerovite lig made by rugby

we have also used citrus burst lig multivitamin & mineral

the second we have had a problem with loose stools i think for it

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Hi. I have bought b vitMins in liquid form over the counter. I'll try to Cl on others. Marie

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Hi Everyone,
We have used Liquivite by the GNLD company. It is high quality, organic and well tolerated from birth to adult. You can go to to read more about it. If anyone wants anymore information, let me know.


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I agree with the person who said that Floradix was a good liquid vitamin supplement. I have their iron + herbs solution and their calcium/magnesium solution. They easily go into a feeding tube and don't clog it at all. I know the same company makes a multi-vitamin supplement for kids, but I don't know if they make one for adults.

As for regular vitamins, I use Emergen-C Multi-Vitamin packets. These are powder that you mix with water. Though they are a little bit fizzy, I haven't had any trouble putting them in my GJ tube. You can find these at most pharmacies and Wal-Mart stores.


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