g-j tube busting

My child has had a g-j tube for 10 years, and we have never had any trouble.
We had it changed out right before school started. The balloon busted after
4 days. We went back,replaced with another one. Now 5 weeks later we are on our 6th one. I called Kimberly Clark and they had me send 3 of the old ones
back. Has anyone ever had this happen??? At first thought it was a bad batch of tubes. Now wonder if the acid or some of her meds. might be breaking
down the balloon. Any suggestions would be greatful.
Karen Williams mom to Emily

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Hi, Ems Mom.

Do you know how much the balloon is being inflated when it is put in?

After several failed tubes when my tube life was new two years ago, I discovered by reading my hospital medical records that they were inflating the balloon with 10 cc's of saline. My tubes have all clearly stated 3-5 cc's. When I brought this up, my first GI doctor (I fired him!) said, "Oh, they put 10 cc's in everything."

Now I insist before they start the procedure that they only put up to 5 cc's (I prefer 4). It's amazing how much longer they last when the medical folks don't over-inflate them.

I think all of us should oversee this and be very insistent! Even when they treat me like I am being too pushy, I have to advocate for myself. To add to the issues, I use a 16 french. Two major hospitals in Atlanta don't even stock that size. I am in the middle of that issue right now.

I actually think we need to somehow form a public voice to get doctor's educated and interested in our continuum of care! Anyone interested?

Here's to life, breath, and advocating! Marie

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