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Has anyone had experience with donating extra G tube formula? I have quite a bit, it is very expensive, and I hate to throw it away. Even the supplier will not take it back once it is in the home and recommended that I continue my delivery as scheduled. Other people have told me not to consider this due to liability.

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You might have to look around to find someone, but yes, you can donate it. We have a local doc who works abroad and we donated my MIL's leftovers when she passed away, as well as some of her medical supplies that we could not use for my son.

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Hi there:

I had a tremendous amount of formula when I moved from a G-tube to TPN. I also hated the idea of all that formula going to waste. What I did was donate it to an organization in my hometown (San Francisco) called Project Open Hand. Project Open Hand makes and delivers meals to people with HIV/AIDS and other serious/chronic illnesses. Many/most of these people get cans of formula with each meal, so they were thrilled to get the donation. And when I called and explained what I had they didn't even blink. They even wanted the unflavored stuff, as they said their clients are used to using even the bland stuff with their own flavorings or make shakes or whatever.

I think the idea that there would be liability in a situation like this is absurd. I would not worry about this for a second. For goodness sakes, they are closed cans. Would you not donate something to a canned food drive?

Hopefully where you live you can find a similar organization, like Meals on Wheels or something like that.

Good luck,

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Another idea might be to call your local children's hosptial and ask for the Social Worker's office. Allot of times they will taken unopened formula to give to families who are having a hard time getting formula.

Allot of Free Clinics in different cities will take formula as well.


Lesley Diane Marino a/k/a NinaBean

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Go to the Oley Foundation's website.
On the menu, look for equipment exchange. It is designed for people to donate supplies they can't use, including formula. The site will have the detailed info.

I was just blessed to be the recipient of several cases of formula. The Oley Foundation is a wonderful "first stop" place for help, encouragement, and information.

Let us know what you were able to do with the formula. Cheers for life and breath! Marie

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You might consider posting on craigslist so that someone locally could contact you. Also, I've donated extra formula to the school nurse who has a student who doesn't have insurance and needs the formula.

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Thanks for your information as I am new.

Went on the donation site and saw the IsoSource HN is there! I believe it is the same formula as the Fibersource I am taking now, Soy based as I am allergic to all Milk based products, leaving a lot of formulas out.

I have 5 cans of Vivonex RTF to donate (very expensive) and will put on.

I hope someone contacts me soon. I have MS and cannot see the instructions on how to obtain donations.


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If it was the Oley Foundation site where you saw the IsoSource listed (on the Equipment/Supply Exchange page), contact the Oley office by e-mail at, or call toll-free--(866) 454-7351. We'd be glad to help!

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Thanks Lisa. Sent an email to the foundation yesterday. Have 5 cans of Vivonex RTF to donate in exchange for the IsoSource HN. It would be a godsend, I have no insurance to pay for anything. Should I call on Monday am? Thanks again, Dees

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G-PACT also takes donations of formula etc. You just need to go to and choose the supply depot tab. It will have an email address of whom you will need to contact to let them know you have extra formula.

Expired formula can usually be donated to the local human society. I had some a few months ago. They use it for puppies and kittens. So that is an option too on expired formula.

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