Air in the line issues with Curlin

I'm about to recreate that scene from "The Office" with what they did to the copier. My Curlin pump is driving me crazy!!!! It keeps going off for air in the line and that's IF there is really air there or it's a teeny teeny air bubble. I had problems before a few months ago but then it quit. Now I'm hooking up to a different bag and don't know if my connection is getting the air? Also, I keep trying to prime it and it seems like air gets stuck at the end of the yellow thingy! Any advice or is there a less fussy pump that I won't want to beat down with a baseball bat?!?!

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I use a Curlin pump, but I hang my bag vertically so I have not had any bubble alarms until recently when I have had a few. But it appears a lot of other people are sharing your problems because Coram sent out a letter saying they were researching the problem which may have to do with a new manufacturing facility?

Also there are three levels of alarm the pump can be set to; make sure yours is set only for the largest bubbles.

But here is the real joke. If you forgot to bleed the line, and just started up the pump, there would be no alarm, and you would end up with several cc's of air in your bloodstream which--according to my information--would not necessarily hurt you. So why all this fuss about a few small air bubbles? Why don't they just turn the damn bubble alarm off?

I bet others will weigh in on this!

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I've been using a Curlin for over four years and I haven't had a problem with alarms of any sort. Every once in awhile, it alarms for no particular reason that I can figure, but that's rare. Have you checked with your home care company? Maybe they can replace your Curlin with another Curlin that has recently been cleaned and checked. It doesn't matter how you hang your pump (mine is upright, but on the floor in it's carrying bag, not on a pole). It shouldn't be alarming so regularly.

Good luck!



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I thought it was the pump too and I have a back up pump and it was doing the same thing. I even changed the tubing because sometimes the tubing can act up.

I'll look into the alarm sensitivity. I know basically you'd have to have the whole line filled with air to really hurt you. At least that is what a nurse told me one time.

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when i hang my bag i hook up the line i squeeze the bag till the line fills up then i remove the tab and finish hooking up. i use the batteries

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We use a Bodyguard 323 pump, and NEVER have issues (you were asking about other pumps, after all). My daughter carries her TPN bag rolled up and thrown with her pump into a standard toddler sized backpack and alarms are rarely, if never, a problem

If you are looking for a different pump, I can't say enough good things about the Bodyguard, and the company that makes it. My infusion company is staffed by morons, so I called the manufacturer directly, and got absolutely amazing tech support.

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It's not just me!!!! There are many people having issues with their Curlin tubings. Luckily I had 2 spares from another batch so I can unhook on time tomorrow! I'm having no problems with the older tubing I had.

My pump is password protected or I would have sooo turned that alarm off for now!

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Ive been using Curlin for yrs and never had any issues. But I know the pharmacy I use has other patients who have! We have been using an old tubing with an air filter we add. Next week we go back to the regular tubing. As of now Curlin has been looking into the problem!

Hope you get ur figured out!

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For the past several months, the "air in line" with the Curlin has been a major problem for me. On some weeks, three of the seven tubing would have air in line. My husband kept careful track of the lot numbers (nearly all began with "C" and were assembled in Costa Rica) and times when the alarm started (usually within a half hour of start during the taper up for TPN). We worked with our home care company and talked with a Curlin personnel working on the issue. So far we have heard nothing more, but the home care company has sent older tubing with lot numbers starting with "D" which were assembled in Thailand. Except for one instance, this tubing performs far better. I would sure like to see this fixed, but as it is an intermittent problem I think it's a lower priority.

By the way, changing Curlin pumps doesn't help at all.

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I hope your home care company is helping you resolve this issue by re-setting the air sensitivity for the time being.

Maybe consumers can directly bring this issue to the manufacturers attention and stress how it impacts your quality of life.

We have the bodyguard here and Love it.

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I got a different set of tubing that was manufactured in another country. I think I had issues with the same country (Costa Rica made) verses no problems with the Thailand made tubing. I haven't had any problems since they send different tubing! Yeah!!! So I don't want to murder my pump any more!

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