Hello out there. My dad has a J-tube and is on Jevity 1.2 by Ross Nutrition. His doctor thought he might benefit from more protein in his diet. We had been thinking of giving him kefir (pasteurized milk with active probiotic cultures) through the tube as a supplement. We also thought of giving him vitamin D drops. But before we do anything so "wild and crazy," we want to check if anyone out there has experience with the kind of home-nutrition that can be given through a J-tube (I know there is more flexibility with a G tube). Any suggestions as to what might work well and what to avoid?

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My son uses Peptamin 1.5 which really has more protein than he needs, perhaps a different formula would give him more protein. Do you have a dietician or someone who works with you who could recommend a different formula? With a J tube tolerance is the name of the game. My son has very low tolerance for anything other than his formula. If you try something like kefir (which seems like it would be a good thing to use if he tolerates it) start very slowly to see what he can tolerate.

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The J ports are smaller in diameter than the G ports and will tend to clog more easily. Just make sure that whatever is put in there is very thin without a lot of solid pieces. FLUSH, FLUSH, FLUSH. That is what I recommend.

Good luck


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FLUSH THE TUBE AFTER PUTTING KEIFER IN!!!!! My caregiver is trying blenderized foods through my GJ tube, and we were told to flush the tube very well after putting blended foods or powder supplements, like protein shakes.
Also, remember that the J tube will only hold so much, so you can't force a lot of stuff into it.

You might also try diluting the keifer a bit with some water to make it less thick and easier to pass through the tube. I found that I have to do this with my liquid seizure medicine and long-term antibiotic, because they are so thick.


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I use a supplemental powder called Beneprotein, you mix it up with a little water. I mix it up, draw it up a 60ml syringe and flush through my J-tube. It is just like flushing water. I order it with my tube feedings. I use Peptamen and have found it to be the best for me. I can't tolerate a high rate and Peptamen is a soy based product. I have seen it before behind the pharmacy counter at Walmart and Walgreens for me could have ordered it. It comes in resealable cans like coffee and you just use the scoop to your recommended dose. I am on it 3 times a day and have found it to be beneficial. It is a sister product of Benefiber.

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There is more flexibility with a G tube. I know that you can not use some formulas in the J tube like ensure or glucerna. I would ask your dr. or dietician to be sure.

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