they need top come up with a cure

my name is eric reyna i have nf1. life can be hard at times having nf but i take my day. day by day and pray they will find a cure so what im thinking is that they should come up with a walk for people with nf and raise enough to find a cure i hope i find more supports out there thank u and god bless

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I don't know where you at, but there's a walk coming up this Saturday in Los Angeles.I'm driving up from San Diego this will be my first time participating in a walk.I know or think they have done walks in chicago and New York.

Here's some contact info for the Los Angeles branch

Contact: Kelly McGowan at 1-310 -216-9570

Hope this helps.

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Hey I see you are from Mankato! I remember getting shipments from Mankato at the Grand Forks base commissary in my old military days. If you do decide to participate in the walk, stop by Denver and pick up some deli subs.. they are really yummie! ;-D. only joking. I would think that the twin cities are large enough that they should have a large NF support group, and most likely have a walk-a-thon (if only in conjunction with some other groups. They are only 1-1/2 hour away from you if my calculations are right.

I also would like such an opportunity to participate in one such as the L.A. walk, but the 3-4 hour trip is a stretch.

Your town is what? about 35,000 population, If you had others with NF maybe you could organize your own walk locally. Might not be able to do all the extra stuff like printed T-shirts, but could maybe good a good start, maybe get a business to sponsor you for the advertising?

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There is so much out there when it comes to raising $$ and awareness for NF! Just go to the web page and see. There is also nothing to stop you from doing something yourself. I did my own run for awareness and $$ here in Australia this past March. The army donates $10mil each year for research. Research is being done to find a cure. The NF gene is HUGE! All of us with NF respond so differently it's going to be hard to find a cure that suits us all.
We can all do our bit to help raise funds and awareness.

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