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My daughter possibly (probably) has some form of NF1. I'm trying to gather up as much information about my family history as possible. I have a question about neurofibromas. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid but I'm just looking for reassurance and hope that she's got the segmental version.

My dad has a bunch of skin tags on his back. I remember them from seeing them as a kid when we were in the pool. I grilled him about them today. He denies having CALs but he also thinks I'm nuts worrying about NF1 in my daugther. I asked him if he was sure if the are skin tags and whether or not they get bigger. He told me that he's sure they are skin tags. He said sometimes they die off, sometimes he clips them off (ewwh), and once a dermatologist removed one and then lasered it to stop the bleeding. I'm not sure if he's ever had pathology done on them...I doubt it. He's not a medical kind of guy.

Anyway, is there any chance that a neurofibroma could be clipped off and not grow back? He says they usually never grow back. They do grow in new locations. They rarely get bigger and from what he said they don't seem to grow bigger in the NF sense. Could these be neurofibromas based on how he clips them off? He said that my grandfather used to tie a string around his and suffocate them to death (ewwh again). I've never seen a CAL on either one of them but I've never really looked. My grandfather is 94 or 95 and still living strong so I'd think NF would be more obvious in him by now.

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What your dad is describing and what he is doing with them sounds exactly like skin tags to me. Lots of people have skin tags, especially older people and they often do remove them on their own. I've done it myself, it is absolutely no big deal. If only neurofibromas were so easily dispensed with. Skin tags rarely bleed like a neurofibroma typically does. Skin tags look and behave more like extra skin and do not typically have the button hole effect or other qualities of neurofibromas.

But just for the sake of arguement, lets just assume your dad DOES have NF. The only way that could be connected to your daughter is through you. If you are suggesting that your dad has mosiacism or segmental then that would still mean that you would have been born with NF in all of your cells. If that was the case we would expect that you would meet criteria by now. NF does not skip generations.


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