Propolis Bio30 - suitable for young children?

I am new to this discussion site. My 5yo son, Carmelo, has NF1 and has various tumors in his head and body.

I am looking for information on whether Bio30 is suitable for children at this age. I have read some discussions on this site relating to the age/weight criteria, but am confused as some discussions mention the requirement to be over 10 and over 25kg, whilst others suggest that so long as you are over 25kg it is suitable.

Carmelo is 5yo and 31kg. (Yes a bit strapping lad!!). Can anybody clarify the age/weight criteria for this and/or provide me with Dr Maruta's email address so I can claify directly with him.

I would also appreciate hearing from anybody who has tried this, and whether you have noticed changes to tumors or not.

Thank you.

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i HAVE A DAUGHTER WHO IS 6 SHE STARTED TAKING BIO 30 WHEN SHE WAS 4. WE GIVE HER ONE DROPPERFUL EVERYDAY WHETHER IT IS A 1/3 OF IT IN THE MRONING , AFTERNOON AND EVENING OR SIMPLY ONE DROPPERFUL ALL TOGETHER BUT 1 DROPPERFUL A DAY UNTIL SHE REACHES 55 LBS AND THEN SHE CAN HAVE A DROPPERFUL 3 TIMES A DAY ACCORDING TO Dr Maruta who is doing the study. Hope it works well for your son. I give it to me daughter with a glass of milk she can chase it with it does not taste good. Hope that helps. She has not had any ear infections, eye infections or throay infections in 2 yrs. we are not sure if it is helping her tumor growth or not she has a plexiform neurofibroma under her skin around her eye.

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I have a son 17 months old with tuberous sclerosis and he is taking bio 30 almost 3.5 months from 2/12/2010.He have some benefits but we are not sure is it from bio 30 or from medicament's.But I can for sure tell you there is not any side effects.Hi is 11kg weight and amount of bio 30 is 1.5 ml per day.I don't know do you have any information about curcumin precisely liquid form of it named curcumall.Together bio 30 and curcumall can make a miracle and is worth to tray.
Good luck

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