NF and Thyroid Nodules

I have just recently been diagnosed with NF after having my second neurofibroma removed and now I finally know what those little bumps on my stomach are anyways I have two nodules on my thyroid and had them both biopsyed they both came back atypical and they want to remove my entire thyroid and put me on synthetic hormones I'm freaking out has anyone else had this problem and is there anything that can be done to save my thyroid?????

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While I did not have to have my thyroid removed I have been on medications for an under active thyroid for a couple of years. They have actually worked really well and I havent had and negative side effects.

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I had part of my thyroid removed and I am on synthroid.(because of nodules) I wouldn't worry. Soooo many people I know who don't have nf take synthroid. You can live a full life with this condition.....Good luck...

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