MRI's and Rods in Leg

My son has psuedoarthrosis and when he was 13 months old the orthopedic put a rod in his tibia and fibula (I think it is a william's rod, but I'm not sure). When he was 24 months old they moved the rods up about a half inch because the rods were in his ankle cartilage.

He is now a month away from being 3 years old. His neurologist and ophthalmologist wants him to get an MRI. I explained to both of them that he has a rod in his leg and that the M part of the MRI means magnet and that magnets attract metals. They both said it shouldn't be a problem.

Have any of you who have metal in your body ever had an MRI? Tell me about it

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Every every single time you schedule an MRI, they will ask you the same ?s. They will tell you if it is ok to give him an MRI. I don't know if they make special arrangements for people like your son. Only they can tell you.

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when you get an MRI they ask you if you have plates, pins etc in your body. Ive never had to answer yes but I am sure there is a way to tell like old medical records for one, should say what kind of rod it is, then they can check with the wand thing they use at the airport or the medical equivalent.
I had an MRI at about 4yrs old and didn't get another till I was a teen, at 4 i did not have any tumors so (my mother insisted that i not get followed up on with an MRI every year) I waited until i was and had some symptoms that warranted a brain scan.

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I have a titanium rod and 4 screws in my neck. I've had at least 1 MRI since with no problems. I'm getting close to due for another one. I have to keep track of my AN's. (acoustic neuromas)

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Even if you went for two MRI's like one on Mon and one on Tues in the same week, they have to ask the same questions all over again. Trust me i've been there. It was even the same receptionist that did the intake. So records don't matter.

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They can do a quick body scan to check for any metal that would affect the magnet or vice versa. Whenever I answer yes, I've had pins, plates and screws but they were removed 20 years ago, they scan me just to make sure I'm not wrong.
Usually now I just say no, I don't have any.

Anyway, it takes just a few minutes, it's painless (except for lying flat with a spinal cord full of tumors) and would put your mind at ease at least as much as those of the doctors and techs.

Positive thoughts for you and your son, please let us know how it goes.

Oh, and PVA is correct, I had four MRIs in one day last month (not recommended pain-wise), two in the morning, then saw my neurosurgeon then the other two, and yes, they still asked all the info all over again when I came back not an hour later for the second pair.

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PVA, how do you trigger one of those e-mail notifications that you responded to someone's post? Thanks for any insight.

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