Large rib cage

Does anybody out there have a large rib cage

Is this NF related?

I am doing pilates and my trainer keeps asking everyone to lower their rib cage, this is something i cant do as it is so high

i know we suffer from curved spines

Things are against us are'nt they!

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I also have a very wide and barrel-like ribcage, disperportionate to my body size. It seems to be still growing even.

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My 7 year old daughter has NF and when she was a baby I noticed her ribcage seemed to be wide. It looked like it flared out at the bottom. The neurologist explained that it was do to the low muscle tone in her chest and abdominal area. As she has grown it has gotten better but in comparing with her sister it is still slightly wider at the bottom than usual. Hope this helps.

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I, too, have a very large rib cage. My thinking is that this is related to a quite sever scoliosis. So, I am very, very short, have a short waist, and a barrel like rib cage which seems to compress my lungs. As a result, I do not do well when I swim or run - just can't get enough oxygen going.

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I seem to have a larger rib cage than i should for my height.
My ribs seem to go much further down, this i guess is to do with the stunted growth and minor scoliosis.

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My one year old looks bigger than she is weight-wise because of her large ribcage. It also extends outward a bit at the bottom rather than curving back in.

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I have heard that having a large (and unfeminine) rib cage is a lot more common that I first thought. Being a sufferer myself I have to deal with clothes no fitting properly and many crease marks being left on my tummy even though I have a very toned stomach. I do have a strangely curved back (and back problems) however and hypermobility, but I wouldn't assumed to say this is why I have the problem, as my sister seems to share my suffering. I think its a rare or genetic thing you generally have to deal with, though you can lessen the huge-ness of them buy exercising your upper abdominals, if that advise if of any help to you.

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Thanks .I now have a PT with my Wife and Son at the Gym

Does seem to be getting better


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Just like everyone else that posted, I too have noticed that I have a very large rib cage. It's weird because the rest of my body is pretty small boned; my wrists and arms are very small! My ribcage is very disproportionate to the rest of my body. It makes me look very wide!

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I too have a large rib cage, and a sunken-in chest. It is barrell like, wide around the bottom, many, many tumors logged inbetween each rib. They are at times, very painfull, and complicates sleeping. Tight, and heavy shirts, sweatshirts make it worse. I also have spinal curvature, and am short. I hope this helps.

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