Disability/Social Security

Person commented earlier that they commonly
give disabilty to the drug addicts, etc., but deny
medical benefits to people that have NF. Would like
to hear some inputs on this subject. What can we do to improve this?

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Each case of NF is different. I have NF1, but it does not stop me from working. If your NF is severe to the point it prevents you from working you will qualify for social security disability.

If you think you qualify file for it. There is a 90% chance you will be denied. Hire an attorney who specializes in social security disability. He will tell you if you qualify. Most will sue social security and be paid based on your retroactive benefits ( a contingent fee, they only get paid if you win)

Good Luck!

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i have nf2 and am unable to work.....i got ssd on 1st try. i've heard tho that it takes 3 trys to get. if you get denied you have to file an appeal and hire a lawyer.
it depends on the severity of your condition and the doctors reports.

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Hi...my name is Monique and I am now on SS because of my NF1. As a single parent of two still at home and not being able to work with all the pain I was lucky and found a top surgen and NF doc where I live and was told that I needed to be on SS. They both helped with reports to SS and the fact that my tumors were so visable helped. I had lots of pics to show why I hurt and why it was hard to work. If you have docs telling you that you should go on SS.....have them get statements and keep trying

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