Cold food hurts stomach

When I eat cold food it sits in my stomach for several minutes and it gives me severe stomach pain and it even gives me a headache. I have NF1. Wondering if anyone else has this problem.

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That's actually pretty common. Cold food or really hot food can inflame the stomach lining. I don't have NF, but when I have indigestion or once when I had an ulcer, headache goes along with it. Not sure why, but some people are just wired that way. And vice-versa is true too, if I have a headache of any kind, not just migraine, I feel nauseated.
If this is recent it could be a sign that you're developing an ulcer. IAlso, 've always found it worse when my IBS flares up.
Best thing to do is just be gentle on your stomach for a while and see if it clears up. No really hot or cold foods and no raw foods (I can have the worst time with cold, raw carrot sticks!)

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This happens to me too. But cold drink also makes my stomach hurt with a severe pain e.g Milk.

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yes stomach hurt so bad i can't sleep or eat i just rubb my stomach a little a i goes away then when i stop it starts again

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Are you chewing well? I are eating too fast or too much at one meal? I have this problem when I am really hungry then I need a Tums.

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