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Is it safe to get chiropractic work done with NF? I thought I heard that if there were tumors on the spine and it was adjusted then it could do something to the tumors?

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I have NF1 and was told by a doc that I need to stop going to the chiro. I also have a 14cm mass in my chest--and it could rupture if they pressed too hard. So I would consult with your doc first.

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I have NF1 and go to a chiroprator on a regular basis. He is well aware that I have NF. I have told him the pumps that hurt. He is very careful with me. If there is a time he is not comfortable he will only use the little clicking machine and he refers me to a doctor. I would still ask a doctor or ask to have a consultation with the chiropractor before any treatment is done.

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I presume that if your Chiropractor is aware of NF He/She will use "appropriate caution"

I have my doubts about the validity of Chiropractics....
I have been to a few over the years...

Just this last month I was at a trade show(Home & Garden Show)....
At lest 3 were there Hawking their wares.
They offered a "Free Scan"

One used 2 probes/sensors, one on either side of the neck....
It showed "Bad energy" on the right side of the spine (Out of alignment)

About 30 min later, I visited another booth ....
That Chiropractor used a different sensor.... Resembled a large thread spool.
That scan indicated the left side out of adjustment, even worse than the previous "Scan"

The last time I used a Chiropractor's services He said my Atlas needed adjustment...Pushed on my neck with his thumb for 10 min+.... I ended up with a "Tension Headache that lasted 3 days!!!

I have been to "Bone Crackers" and the "Mallet Thumpers" and "Finger/Heel of Hand Pushers"

I believe most of what Chiropractors are Hawking is a bunch of Hooey!!!!!

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I have told my Chriopractor he has told me he can Help with soem of the pain and My Scoliosis , Id be sur e to tell teh Dr if You haev Tumors on Your Spine . he may or maynot do Adjustments , Ask it never hurts to Ask
I get adjustmens every other week . Gonna start to do longer in between before summer.


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I also have been to a chiropractor when I had health insurance they were aware I had NF some used their hands one used the clicker that one I felt I didnt have any kind of work done they all did some kind of xra y or pre exam the best one was when I was in a car accident(not my fault) that one made me better than I was before I went in he really worked me over once I get back to work I am going to back. The best advise would be is if you have any questions or fears talk to the Doctor

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I've been using a chiropracter (on and off) for longer than I ever knew I had NF. With Chiropracters in general, you really have to be very careful, because a lot of them can be quacks and "in it for the money" like Blaster noted. But there are others that are real good.

So to answer your question, it is safe to use a chiropracter, just check out references real well before you let him/her touch your back or neck, because if they don't know what they are doing, which some of them don't, they can cause more harm then good to your overall health.

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Hello Cess2002.

Here are my 2 bits about having chiropractic work done. It is fine to see one, only if the are not doing work on any area of the spine that remotely has the chance of having tumors on it. The nerves that come out of the spinal column do so by the foraminal canal, which is a relatively small opening between each vertebrae. These nerves that exit through the foraminal canals are the roots, or the beginning point of a multitude of branches that lead to various parts of the body. Tumors on these nerves compromise the space in the foraminal canal. Chiropractic work, even by someone who is very good, can cause a "pinch" in these nerves and possibly lead to irreversible damage. I have spoken at length with my neurologist, as well as one of my sisters, who is a physical therapist that specializes in muscle manipulation for adjustments to the spine, and both agree that it is not something that should ever be done when it is known that person has tumors in the specific area that would be worked on. Other areas of the spine are fine, but make sure your chiropractor knows your situation and knows where not to touch or make adjustments.

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