chest pain

I Have been having chest pain I was wondering if any one with nf has ever had chest pain?

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what kind of chest pain?
do you mean like acid reflux pain or nerve pain?

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I did went to the ER spent the day their, found nothing I do have a family history but I did have a little bit of high BP and colestorol
stress test nothing wrong I think it could have been stress a lot going on at work at that time. I did a lot of research on the internet and Asma came up a lot I never had it as kid but I do not know. All I can say is please have it checked if you don't you will just drive your self crazy,

Good luck feel better


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*raises hand* They did an ultrasound and it showed small lumps. Going back for a follow-up soon to see if they've gotten bigger. I also have asthma, but the pain is not the same at all... I'd suggest going to a doctor and trying to get some tests done. Good luck!

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I get chest pain too and do have a tumor in my chest that is largish and will require surgury, they can't tell me if my pain is related to that, or heart burn. The more stressed I am the worse the chest pain is. It's too hard to say, and as I drive myself crazy every time I find a "new" tumor or an old one hurts I have decided to embrace what I have and look beyond my NF. As it doesn't have to define me. Be brave you are stronger than you think.

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