CARNIVORA; Miracle drug?

A friend of mine told me about a drug -- or herb -- called Carnivore (made, apparently, from the Venus Fly Trap) that alegedly shrinks cancer tumors.

I wrote and asked if Carnivore can help people with NF-1 and NF-2.

Their response:

Dear Artie,

Thank you for your interest in Carnivora.

In the United States, we are prohibited from making
statements regarding "disease." Therefore we can
state that "Carnivora responds to abnormal cells"
- without harming a single normal cell.

Hopefully you are able to interpret exactly what that


Traci Barnell
Director of Operations
Carnivora Research International
1 866 836 8735 (Toll free US & Canada)
203 532 0957 (TeleDirect US & Canada)
203 531 0957 (Fax, US & Canada)
001 203 532 0957 (Tele International)
001 203 531 0957 (Fax International)

Visit us at:

All products manufactured by Carnivora Research International are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease in the United States.

What do you all think?

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I read the website and it sounds like it fights infections and keep the immune system strong. I don't get enough detail from the testimonials but I hope it is true. Maybe we will have a breakthrough. I don't know much about what was mention about the fly, or it being endagered but I love coming back to learn all the I can when it deals with NF. I have more things to do as research any information.
Missy lets hope something works I have faith that one day if we are around or not that somebody will be cured with some kind of mircal cure. :)

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Thanks for your input.

I found the statement that it responds to abnormal cells - while leaving healthy cells alone - curious, almost as if it were a smart drug. I think this warrents a closer look.

I also did some research on the plant and found some very interesting things. I always assumed -- from all those old Tarzan moves, i guess -- that it was an African plant. WRONG-oh!

The Venus Flytrap is found in nitrogen and phosphorous-poor environments, such as bogs and wet savannahs. Small in stature and slow growing, the Venus flytrap tolerates fire well, and depends on periodic burning to suppress its competition. Fire suppression actually threatens its future in the wild.

It survives in wet sandy and peaty soils. Although it has been successfully transplanted and grown in many locales around the world, it is found natively only in North and South Carolina in the United States, specifically within a 60-mile radius of Wilmington, North Carolina. One such place is North Carolina's Green Swamp.

There also appears to be a naturalized population of Venus Flytraps in northern Florida as well as populations in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

The nutritional poverty of the soil is the reason that the plant relies on such elaborate traps: insect prey provide the nitrogen for protein formation that the soil cannot. The Venus Flytrap is not a tropical plant and can tolerate mild winters. In fact, Venus Flytraps that do not go through a period of winter dormancy will weaken and die after a period of time.

Venus flytraps are, by far, the most commonly recognized and cultivated carnivorous plant. They are sold as houseplants and are often found at florists, hardware stores and supermarkets.

During the past ten years or so large quantities of plants are raised for commercial markets.

Currently, there are estimated to be more than 30 million plants in cultivation compared to only 35,800 plants remaining in nature as of 1992. Several prominent plant conservationists suggest the plant be labeled as "Vulnerable" because of it's limited numbers in the wild. Note that the figure of 35,800 plants in 1992 is over 18 years old and very likely underestimates the current situation

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Hi, Energize -

Very interesting stuff, there, indeed! It looks like it is effective for cancer tumors in the lungs, so it might work for NF as well.

If I understood you, you had this proceedure and will find out Thursday how effective it was. Please keep us posted!

- Artie

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Rachel --

Best of luck with everything. My wife and I will be praying for you!

- Artie

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i think there may be some drugs can effectively shrink the nf tumor one day... but i'm afraid that they are just too expensive...

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HI Francesc,
The only thing I know now is Bio 30, I am trying it now.
Do you know any other drug, even it is in clinical trial? Please let me know, thanks, ancakist

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Hi ancakist
i just click on the CTF's website and there is a button "clinical trials"... most of the drugs shown is used for cancer... the price should be extremely high

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I would not say that most of the NF trials are for cancer.

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Hi, Frances -

I think the likely reason why -- on the Children's Tumor Foundation's Clinical Trials page -- you see a lot of the drugs used to combat cancer cell growth being studied as possible tools in fighting NF tumor growth is because NF and cancer tumors have similar properties. Indeed, 3 to 5% of NF tumors can turn cancerous.

- Artie

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Hi All, I think that if the FDA would stop with the big rip off of mankind in the US and refused to be bought out by Big Pharma that we would see a lot of cancer remedies that are natural and not. I think personally that they have had a cure out there but the Big Pharma would go out of business if us Americans had a way to get the meds and natural remedies that cure. I don't think the government (FDA) or the BIG PHARMA cares a bit about us, it is all greed, the government is full of greedy bastards as far as i'm concerned. Isn't a shame we can't do a thing about it? This is just my opinion. Sorry if I upset anyone.

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PS: Artie I really liked the article that you posted, if it is a way to improve my situation, I'm all for it. I might give it a try, what do I have to loose. Maybe get a better immune system, nice. Thanks

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You're welcome!

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Hi Artie

Thanks so much for putting this info out, so we all can be aware of this product. It seem really great, but i'll need to do a little more research on their business to see if the FTC and BBB back them up.

"The Dreamer"

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You're welcome, Dreamer.

Please let us know what you find out.

- Artie

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Sounds interesting. wonder if it would work to inhibit the growth of nuerofibromas.

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That is exactly what I asked them, Frannie. Their response was "In the United States, we are prohibited from making statements regarding "disease." Therefore we can state that Carnivora responds to abnormal cells - without harming a single normal cell.
Hopefully you are able to interpret exactly what that

I was hoping that someone from where they are NOT
prohibited from making statements regarding disease would contact them, get an answer, and report back to us.

The tumors in my spine and brachial plexus have taken my ability to play ALL my instruments (I'm a drummer who can also play guitar, keys and 5 others). As a guitar player yourself, you know what that's like. I'd love to be able just to hold drumsticks again!

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Thanks Artie, I know I was seeing a neurologist at one time and he and the general surgeon sent a tumor they removed to pathology. They said the same thing that they can be cancerous or become cancerous..

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Well unless you're someplace like Mexico, most countries have strict rules about making unfounded statements about natural products. Even the comment made to Artie may be bordering on inappropriate in that it can be interpreted as leading.

I'm sure my opinion won't be popular and for that reason I have hesitated to chime in. However, I think its important to keep in mind that this company has been in trouble with the FDA in the past for "fraudulent promotion" and illegal import.

The scientific links on their site have more to do with the benefits of some of the compounds found in Carnivora rather than the product itself which I find somewhat suspect. Though plumbagin may have some potential there have also been concerns over its toxicity with some studies showing DNA damage at relatively low levels.

Basically at this point there is little evidence that Carnivora does what some of the propaganda on the net says it does. In fact, many of those articles can be linked back to those that stand to benefit financially. Even the original work that was published was never substantiated. I'm not even convinced that Commission E has sanctioned this as some sites have suggested. I'm all for alternatives, I'm just saying I'd be leary of any company that has conducted themselves in this way. Of course, everyone is free to make up their own minds about what products to use or not use but I would be beware of anyone trying to sell you something until you're really sure the evidence is sufficient or that the risk is low.


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Thank you, Cindy, for that information ... especially about their being in trouble with the FDA for fraudulent promotion, illegal import, toxicity issues and the potiental for DNA damage. I hadn't run across that info and very much appreciate the heads up.

The risks do seem to outweigh the unsubstantiated benefits.

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I hade same op lost part of one lung do to NF they used the the talc & glue hade it done in the Queens MED Nottingham UK
have NF1&2 did not now about 2 till after the op they now say i have both

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